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  1. There are different options here:

    1. They just live, and you are very conspicuous by everything that has to do with someone else's personal life. The photo on the cover of the question, for example, is quite ordinary, it seems to me that most of those who have had a long and happy relationship have at least once posted something like this on the social network page, if they use them at all. Or holding hands on the street. Or sitting with their arms around each other in a cafe or at a party. In general, they somehow showed their relationships where other people can see it. It is absolutely not a fact that such things are done for the sake of the viewer at least to some extent, this is a natural part of life.

    2. Perhaps their norms about what is private and what is public do not coincide with yours. This is an unpleasant, but rather understandable situation – there are no common norms of behavior in this area in society right now, and the formats often differ. If your friends behave in a way that is unpleasant for you, you can point it out to them, but it is more effective to do this not from the position of an absolute social norm, but from the position of personal discomfort: “I don't like it when you … because I “feel superfluous”, etc.

    3. They have this or that problem with personal boundaries, they do not notice that their relationship has personal boundaries, and that they violate other people's personal boundaries with one or another behavior. This gives rise to all these awkward situations where people talk about their partners with third parties, using diminutive nicknames, or fall away from the general conversation, moving into some completely personal communication where there is no place for other people, or their relationship becomes a problem that continuously affects all their mutual acquaintances, etc. This is also not demonstrative, although from the outside it seems that such people sincerely consider their relationship the most important thing in the world, many times surpassing the comfort and feelings of all other people. But what this really means is that they are unable to maintain healthy personal boundaries between each other and between themselves and other people, and are likely experiencing a lot of problems on this basis. It is also possible that they do not feel that they show enough love for their partner and the importance of the relationship for themselves, if they do not do it every second and similar phenomena. In general, they don't try to push their relationships in front of other people, they just don't cope with their psychological problems.

    4. These are people who view having a relationship as an important social gain and a very high-status thing. And, in fact, they “try to raise”their status by showing everyone that they have a relationship. This is especially true for teenagers.

    5. They are very demonstrative people. They just love attention to themselves. If they weren't in a relationship, they'd show off their airplane collection, they just want to stand out, no matter what. Within certain limits, this is a normal quality, and all media personalities just need to have it, otherwise they wouldn't be able to live a normal life. Above certain limits is already unhealthy, yes.

  2. Good afternoon.
    Let's not be naive, all social networks are created at least for making money, these are business projects.
    And the best money is earned on grief/joy, on power and on human vices.

    Well, now look and think about who is sitting in manic mode, I would even say, lives in these social networks and puts themselves on display.

    1. Latent (hidden)data Exhibitionists, that is, those who get emotional pleasure from showing themselves to people. And when it is also monitized, it is a Hobby (fetish) even more amplified.

    2. Latent (hidden)data Voyeurs, those who like to spy on other people, getting pleasure from it…)).

  3. Even if you explain this by promoting your personal brand and monetization, you can always see narcissism . For me, these are the costs of upbringing, internal promiscuity, and a certain level of personal self-esteem criteria. How many bloggers I watch : diligent poses , the highest quality filters for correcting appearance, the desire to teach. The most important thing is that they are followed , so it is in demand . That is, once again, our society has found another identification of humanity.

  4. It should be assumed so.The time comes, the person grows up,and the question arises before him….Who am I??? And what am I after??? There are two options left,or you can really sit down for books, look for those who understand these issues, etc. Find and prove your worth to yourself.And more simple, make a statement in public, and wait for recognition.Take a closer look at what a person is proud of now? Poavilno akauntom, and podsubscribing….so recognized! So I'm good! But the underlying issues remain unresolved!!! That's for sure.With respect.

  5. I don't know why no one has said this yet, but for me, the main reason is so that other people can see that you are busy and not try to get to know you with the potential goal of starting a relationship with you.

  6. It depends on how ostentatious. After all, it can be sex on Red Square, as an act of exhibitionism, or a discussion of some features of living together in the VK or even in a personal LiveJournal. And if in the latter case-this is a general question “why do people share information about their lives with other people”, then there are also special cases. From ” Envy us mortals how good everything is (regardless of the actual state of affairs)” to ” Oh God, how bad it is, have pity on me.” What exactly did you mean?

  7. Yes, I'm the kind of person who flaunts my personal life, but not to make people jealous or look at us. On the contrary, I don't even think about it. I think about giving my boyfriend one last hug at the bus stop before we go home, giving him a kiss because we might not see each other for a while. Naturally, not right in the middle of the sidewalk, so that everyone can see, but in a corner so that no one can interfere and at the same time look out for the bus. And not only at the bus stop. Even when I'm sitting on my knees on the bench and hugging him, all we have to do is think about each other, not if that lonely girl is looking at us enviously.

  8. I had a friend who was constantly changing boyfriends and each of the aforementioned was the love of her bitter single life. Naturally, relationships were always accompanied by photo reports, recordings, and actual emotional exhibitionism.�

    anyone who saw this was sure to put in their own five kopecks, practice their wit (hardly having the opportunity to boast of it). and only a few people knew how unhappy she was, how much she had been through, and what exactly such a display of well-being meant to her. and even if she was not distinguished by phenomenal intelligence, but she was a good, decent person, albeit overly trusting.�

    here the long-suffering “only what is empty inside thunders” takes on a double meaning for me: sometimes this happens not so much because of emptiness due to immaturity, but because of the emptiness caused by circumstances in life.�

    the answers to these questions are no different from the habit of putting your life on public display, because the ultimate goal is the same: to gain weight in the eyes of others to the best of your ability.

  9. Still, you should not call everyone lovers of showing off their personal lives.�

    On the other hand, for those who do this, this is a kind of show-off, show-off, etc.�

    One of the most common diseases of modern society is narcissism.�
    This is a very broad concept, but not unlimited.Narcissism is not equal to selfishness, if anything. This is true, by the way.
    And these are all the show-offs and showing off your personal life-this is nothing but narcissism.

    They don't even really care who they're with today or tomorrow.
    In any case, the glossiness of this very personal life will be clearly visible through all possible edges. And an eyewitness of this may feel like some kind of extra in the film, but not in reality.�

    If you try to answer the question “Why do some people do this?”, then the answer will not fit well into normal and logical theses.�
    We can say that this is primitiveness + stupidity + narrow-mindedness + a certain amount of inadequacy.

  10. The whole point is that the emphasis of evaluation is shifting from internal to external. External appearance becomes more important than internal qualities. Demonstration and positioning becomes more important than a quiet, unknown existence, where you can just be on your own and that's enough. Hype craving for universal approval, praise, and envy. Capturing the journey on camera becomes more important than enjoying it alone. We learn from the principle of advertising: To inflate to unimaginable attractiveness the nondescript nature of the body, events, and anything else, and rather drown in seductive, but only (!) two-dimensional images. Everything else will be done by your imagination. We are eager to be deceived, because we like other people's stories, photos and videos like mad, and in response we post our own in a competitive unconscious reflection. And all this flatters, seduces and reinforces the reward in the form of licking egocentrism. When the inner warrior of knowledge, wisdom, identity, and spirit dies, egoism, the buffoon, and the clown, comes out. And the existential void longs to be filled with baubles and sparks.

  11. The most obvious thing is that they want to show off, show off, and arouse envy. In the second place, I think, self-affirmation and getting the approval of others, praise, confirmation that they are moving in the right direction and convince yourself of this. In the end, I think it will be the opposite-receiving compassion, empathy – the position of the victim and the love of whining, the love of being constantly in the center of attention, sometimes it is like a lifestyle.

  12. It happens that they share their personal lives under the influence of the crowd. Let's say the whole environment does this ,so you need to repeat it. Otherwise, the environment will think that there is no personal life, or it is fictional or uninteresting. It is more common in adolescents.

    And it happens that for a long time there is no half. And suddenly a person finally finds his love and I want the whole world to know it. Begins to declare this in social networks, talk about joint leisure, gifts, etc. Then the love subsides and personal life begins to advertise less. And someone continues to stay on this wave of publicity, only photos in love are replaced by hundreds of photos of the baby in equal angles, and stories from trips to the cinema are changed to stories about the child.�

    And it happens that you want to share something, you want to communicate, but there is nothing to tell because of the lack of hobbies and interests. So they share what they have, everyday-personal life.

    There is also an imitation of idols) yes, yes, I noticed this. They say that some celebrity/socialite puts her personal life on Instagram, and a fan imitates her in everything, so she also puts her own life.

  13. Well, man, usually people just want to show that they liked this or that place, that they were cool with this or that people, that something just happened in their life, and this is important to them.

    It's a completely different thing when you see the page of Chikuli, where all the photos are packed with hookah bars and night clubs. Although, however, from these photos you can understand what is really important to this person and how she lives.

    And usually people just want to show the public what they are interested in and who they are interested in. They post photos with their good friends, more or less well-known personalities (although here you can already think about “show-offs”, it may well turn out that a person just heard about this person somewhere and just decided to settle in), family; they post photos from various places, whether it's their own veranda or the city that this person visited for the first time, etc.

    It is not even necessary that a person puts up a photo for show-offs. Just a person, thanks to the profile in the social network. For example, he wants to show them who he is, what interests him, and who his friends are.

  14. It seems to me that they do this when personally life is really hard and not, but I really want others to think that there is a stormy stormy … �When I was a student, I boasted about clothes and expensive toys, but now I have completely different interests, and I do everything very quietly =))

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