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  1. All the reasons are purely individual, but most often there are , in my opinion, two, and they are opposite to each other in meaning-love and hard calculation.Some are very much in love and are ready to turn a blind eye to any misdeed of a loved one, while others see personal benefits in continuing the relationship and are ready to endure anything.

    There is another option, infamous among Russian women, when love is no longer there, and there is no calculation, and it is terrible to lose a man.Let it change, but close by.He'll get mad and calm down.Everyone is ready to forgive, just not to be left alone.You don't have to think about finding someone else, because your low self-esteem doesn't allow you to.

  2. Because treason is a subjective concept. This is a stereotype brought up by society, which is “worshipped” depending on the upbringing. And also for everyone, the concept of “treason” is different. Look-treason? Kiss-cheating? Sex with a prostitute-cheating? The constant desire of another person-treason? Sex with your wife and third partner-cheating?

    An example of this is other cultures, where people have completely different attitudes to this concept.

    And it also affects the fact that all people initially do not owe anything to anyone. Everyone is free and free to do what they want. The only question is how certain actions will be perceived by the society in which they live. As an example, if you eat dogs in Russia, you may even be put away, and in Korea – a normal diet. Or if you change in Japan, then there are all the conditions for this, just to satisfy your libido.

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