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  1. I don't understand where the prosecutor's office is looking there are constant fights in the studio profanity shouting obscenities constantly playing videos showing violence murder maiming shooting there is undisguised propaganda of violence and this is watched by children that is almost debauchery of children so I demand to deal with the channel's management and issuing editors so decompose children and young people just generate violence on a larger scale like this

  2. I will say this, many people now think that if they are shown on TV,then they will also be invited to other projects. For the most part, this is what happens. For example this site is used to recruit people for casting https://bit.ly/3gOwVnw try it, maybe you'll get lucky!

  3. In my opinion, the personalities who go to the program “Let them talk” want popularity first of all, since they, if they are media personalities, have become forgotten. Another factor may be the task of lighting up and starting to build some kind of media career from this. And the third thing is to make money banally. Naturally, there is a certain fee.

  4. For the sake of new stories,to maintain a high rating of TV shows.For the sake of the rating itself,the programs will go to any expenses, paying all expenses for the participants of the TV show.

  5. Well, people earn money on questions in ” What? Where? When?” And if there are problems with the intellect? Then they come up with the most complicated “life” stories, something that doesn't really exist, and offer them in programs like “Let them talk”. Then, to the delight of the crowd, they play out these stories on the audience, of course for money. And the shame of making things up doesn't really stick. When there are not enough fried stories from the strona, they are invented by those who produce the program, invite artists from burnt theaters and-go!

  6. If someone has a very bad financial situation, then they can go to the transfer. I don't watch this show. but my wife watches it regularly , she is interested in this digging in dirty laundry. Meanwhile, I'm watching another program in the kitchen.

  7. They go with several goals at once: they often go wanting to become famous, so that they can be shown on TV. Others are hoping for help and support. The rest is for money.

  8. Because the government distracts people from pressing problems:they will look and think that the milkmaid has slept with all the peasants in the village, and whose children are from whom,and forget that there is no work ,that pensions are small, that medicine is ruined, education, villages are dying out, drugs .

  9. I was on the program twice, I need to go to Ostankino by 13 o'clock, there will be a queue, those who have a Moscow registration will be the first to pass. I was invited by the manager, I was put in the second row, the theme and roles are taught in advance, in a separate room, and you can choose topics for future programs, leaving your phone number. During the broadcast, I was pushed from behind to start shouting loudly from my seat, and I replied that I didn't know how to do this, it wasn't decent. All this is a staged trick, they make you clap intentionally. A nasty impression remained. At the end, cookies, juice, wine, 250 rubles are offered for a meal. The show!

  10. Some people are hoping for real help. And someone comes there for the sake of fame and money. Like, for example, the well-known Diana Shurygina. According to some sources, participants of such TV shows are paid from 5,000 to 500,000 rubles. The amount depends on the shocking nature of the main characters, the interest of their stories, the number of views on YouTube, and so on

  11. My opinion ? Hmm..! People have forgotten how to solve their problems and think that hired and well-paid “experts” will give them advice.Rave! They have their own skeletons.

  12. Of course, people go for the money.They are well aware that no one will help them. You can see what kind of people they show us. Most of them are homeless and alcoholics, toothless, degraded people.

  13. I think they are mostly those who can then tell their friends that they were supposedly at the main Laundress of Russia Malakhov! Then there are the lowly ones who bet on a bottle of vodka to get on TV! Then the forgotten zvizdyuki, zvizduny, zvizdenyshy, but in general all zvizdorvantsy! And normal people are few, very few, who are desperate to wait for help!!!!!

  14. Some go for the sake of money, some for the sake of hype, and some really go for help when ordinary people can't solve a real problem and until this problem is publicly visible and taken up, it will remain unresolved, and so when professionals in their field are sitting in the studio, for example, deputies or lawyers who help with advice and offer their free help.

  15. People go to the program first of all hoping that by drawing attention to their problem, they will solve it in this way, that is, a cry for help. To show themselves that they will disgrace themselves and so on worries them much less.

  16. For the sake of money and dut, ordinary people, a cohort of showbiz – to refresh the memory of themselves. Sometimes just for the sake of a scandal, some people can't live without it, Porgina, for example.

  17. I don't watch such programs,but I think that everyone has their own reasons to go to the program.Who for the sake of fame, bragging in front of friends, but most likely because of money.

  18. They go for different reasons. Faded stars of show business – to brush their feathers, someone to cut some money, someone to make money, and someone in the box lit up.

  19. Do you need to clearly separate ordinary people, or stars? The reasons for participating in the transmission of these groups of people may be diametrically opposed. And yes, for some people, money is much more valuable than shame.

  20. It may be shameful, but hype is one of the “sparkling facets” of our Russian mentality. Chekhov also noticed this on the example of his hero Dima Kuldarov.

  21. They mostly go there for money.

    There is never much money, but it is a shame, for some it is a shame, and for some it is popularity throughout the CIS. In any case, it is not for us to judge them, they are free to choose their own path and are responsible for their own choice.

  22. if you find out what amounts are paid for participation there, then you will start doing everything to get there ) /stupid limit on the number of characters for the answer, lame yandex/

  23. Elementary, participation in the program is a chance, an opportunity not only to say, but also to be heard. There are people for whom it is important not so much hype or money, but that people hear the truth.

  24. Negative fame often attracts the attention of positive ones. Everyone knows maojedong's orders to kill sparrows . But who knows that Catherine II forced everyone everywhere to do anti-plague vaccinations?

  25. Money? Of course it's worth it. There are also mostly provincials from regions where the average salary is 20-25 thousand rubles, or even less. And then they come to Moscow and they are immediately paid 150-200 thousand rubles. For Muscovites, this is not much money, and they would have to work for this amount for years. Here they come.

  26. It's most fun to read the angry comments of those who are most aware of what's going on on that show). With names,surnames, etc.Regular viewers)

  27. They go for different reasons and the main one is money and fame. And that's why, for our taxes, we are shown for hours and told who “fucked” whom and how in some distant village? This is already a common question for authors and editors of such programs.

  28. They live in isolation, hard, hoping for some miracle!!!! As they say – hope dies last!

    Previously, everyone drank without exception, then they “chased” books – they were tired!!!!

    Sadly. The state is also offended for people…

  29. This is the first question, and it should be followed by the second – why do I look at someone's shame and add a rating to the program. I think those who participate in this program are more honest than those who watch it.

  30. Question. The editorial staff of a TV channel that washes dirty laundry, spreads gossip, promotes various psychics, fortune tellers, spoilage removers, etc. can you call them scoundrels?

  31. “There is a rapid debilitation of the population, and, to my great chagrin, the authorities are doing this quite deliberately. Perhaps they think that morons are easier to manage – they are wrong, morons are very unreliable.” –�Andrey Makarevich, writer, composer

  32. Hype?

    Yes, in terms of advertising themselves, and of course some people sincerely hope that their problem will be discussed and they will find a solution to it. It's easy to see who's coming and why. If the stars, then they will reanimate their popularity. If freaks and outrageous, then they are trying to get fame. If ordinary people, they want to be heard, naively thinking that they will be helped.


    Well, that's natural. Although, as you know, they don't always pay. And sometimes they even pay showrunners to get there.

    Sometimes trending people are called to the gym to promote others, and they are even paid extra for this. After all, their audience will also pay attention to the show.

    Is it really worth it?

    As practice shows, with successful PR and clickbait, you can get a very large profit from participation. Inflow from all traffic channels. Usually, a show with a successful topic connects Bloggers who, in search of an information guide, are engaged in PR for participants.

    Even if they are haters. The world is ruled by numbers, and when your Instagram is attacked by haters, for example, they seem to increase the importance of your account, citation. Remember how Nikolai Sobolev was so hateful about Shurygina, saying that this topic infuriates him and he does not want it to develop, that he increased her popularity exponentially.�

    It is important to understand that all freaks, outrageous personalities are not suckers at all, since they participate in such shows. Suckers are those who start bombing them openly, pumping their popularity. And smart people are able to provoke even more PR after that, turn it into money, just pulling suckers for triggers. And this is not just within the framework of Let Them Talk happens.

    As for example, Karina, a streamer, once did in the framework of streams — a very smart girl who was able to collect a piano from the triggers of puberty students who made her popular.

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