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  1. The average Russian rarely needs a lawyer. Especially if he doesn't break the law. In addition, we do not have a tradition of suing, as in America. Therefore, lawyers are treated with caution. High-profile cases like the verdict of Yefremov and the work of his lawyer Pashayev only increase this fear. This is if you do not take into account the income of Russians.

  2. This question is asked in Russia not only by lawyers, but also by many of those who provide services or produce goods – why do Russians not want to pay for high-quality goods and services, but prefer, in general, everything that is cheaper and therefore of very mediocre quality?

    The answer is simple: people don't have money.

    The average salary in the country is only 46 thousand rubles / month. It is necessary to deduct taxes, expenses for housing and communal services, transport, communications and the Internet from it, and there is not very much left. And there are also fines and the inevitable gifts to relatives and friends. And there may also be loan repayments. As a result, it remains only for food and some clothes for the change of season.

    Did you know that this average salary is received by only about 10% of Russians and that half of the population receives 2 times less – only 23 thousand rubles / month? And from them, too, you need to deduct taxes, housing and utilities, tarnsport, and so on.

    About 20% more gets in the range from 23 to 46 thousand rubles.

    Thus, for 80% of Russians, there is simply no money to get a lawyer – any lawyer – from anywhere.

    Another 16% receives from 46 to 100 thousand rubles. This category of citizens, of course, can already afford to spend money on lawyers, but not very much.

    And only about 4% who receive more than 100 thousand rubles a month can already afford a more or less decent lawyer.

    But for this 4%, it seems to me, although perhaps erroneously, that there are too many lawyers in the country.

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