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  1. Because they change. Their life situation is also changing. Therefore, some values lose their leading meaning, while others may come to the fore and find expression, object in activity – not immediately after that.

    Meanings are simply the deepest, most significant values for this period.

    Different schools of psychology describe the process that is associated with needs in different terms, but in the same way in essence.�

    • At first, a vague eeeeeee… Cho-ta… Cho-ta…

    • Then-aha! I want to eat it, that's what it is!

    • Then-a wing! Fried! “..Three! With a crust, salty, and soft bread. And then we'll make it to lunch!

    • Then – actions on cooking-chomping.

    • And finally-ho-ro-sho … full. Cho now ba?..

    Well, the meaning is exactly the same, just the cycles are more authentic.

    As with hunger, there is no conscious need for “meaning in life” at first. “Well, my six-year-old twins definitely don't. Since there is no explicit state ideology in the country now, no one is clogging up their brains either about the need to live for the victory of the proletariat, or about the need to live for eternal salvation in another god. They simply – and quite happily-live.

    But then there may be some emptiness, melancholy, sucking in the pit of the stomach…

    And-oop-pa! Here it is: the “damned”, existential question – ” Why all this?” — This is exactly the same realization: aha, yes, I'm hungry!

    And then the stage – ” what do I want to eat?”: objectification of the need. And with meaning: what is the meaning for me?

    And then-activities, active interaction with these wings: frying, eating, picking your teeth. And with meaning-aha: the meaning of life is love! I will love so-and-so (so-and-so, so-and-so), so-and-so.

    And then – the essence of your question. Well, no one will eat wings, and just eat continuously and forever. – And the same parsley, for exactly the same reasons, with the “meaning of life”. He doesn't stand a stake in crystal perfect nowhere. It is the same need that is alive in living people. See the beginning of the answer: you change, life changes , and some meanings disappear for you, and others appear. Because you are alive, not a dead butterfly on a needle.

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