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  1. Modern psychoanalysis in the interpretation of dreams relies more on free associations of the patient than on universal symbolism. Which gives similar dreams, dreamed by different people, a radically different meaning. Based on these considerations, I think it is correct to consider any images exclusively in the context of the dreamer's unique story.

    If you still abstract from the individual and reflect on the symbolic meaning of flights of stairs, you can draw several conclusions. For example, climbing stairs is rhythmic and causes heavy breathing, which can symbolically refer us to sexual intercourse. The house often symbolizes the human body, empty flights of stairs in this case can mean the internal spaces of the female body, and climbing stairs – an erection.

    If we turn to history, Freud interpreted flights of stairs as sexual desire, relying on the fact that in his time bedrooms were mostly located on the second floors of houses.

    Also, we can add that going to sleep is associated with a regression of the psyche at an earlier stage. And in this context, empty stairwells can be interpreted as intrapsychic space, and stairs and movement along it as a transition to deeper layers of the psyche.

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