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  1. our ancestors did not have a choice, for them sex is immediately pleasure for 5 seconds and then children. now people seem to have gotten smarter with in-net, and the industry gives latex products that deceive nature. �we can only choose pleasure, what is the point of reproduction ? “I don't know, but it happens for some reason.�

    In short, the answer is that people are used to doing this. we are used to having children, and those who don't are under pressure. and as they said before me, it's just natural selection. smart people were always destroyed by stupid ones.

  2. So we remain in the centuries,
    in the memory of posterity and our
    Life continues in our grandchildren.In them, we see ourselves and again dream
    and live, and achieve
    what we did not even think about.We
    give our grandchildren the warmth of our
    soul, and they reach heights
    that we never dreamed of.

  3. The question” why ” implies that it was created or invented by someone intelligent for some specific purpose. If we do not mean religious teachings, then the question “why” should not arise in principle, because it is meaningless.

    It's all quite logical — somehow 4 billion years ago, life appears on Earth. If a life appears with the ability to continue the race, then it will continue the race and survive. If not, it will die out in the first generation and no one will know about it. That is, it is not even a “law of nature”, because the law is also invented by someone. This is the logical outcome of evolution and the struggle for survival. Come to think of it, all of our ancestors had sex at least once and wanted it (hi, JUPE), and all those who didn't want to and didn't do it didn't leave it to the gene pool.

    The development of organisms does not occur through the purposeful introduction of some features by a certain creator, but through a series of random mutations. If the mutation is positive, the individual gains an evolutionary advantage and is more likely to leave offspring, and this offspring with the mutation is even more likely to leave offspring and displace individuals without this mutation. A negative mutation results in an individual having less chance of survival and less chance of leaving offspring (leaving their mutation in future generations). This is also the case at transitional stages of evolution: if an individual appears in a population, for example, of raccoons, who cannot or does not want to reproduce, then it does not give offspring and the genes that encoded this asexuality disappear from the gene pool. Therefore, in our gene pool accumulated only genes that have the desire and ability to continue the race. Procreation is the basis of all living things, no reproduction — no life.

    We have received from our ancestors instincts and unconditional reflexes that are conducive to procreation, but this does not mean that this is the original meaning, although it can be invented. We cannot approach this question from a teleological point of view, this is incorrect, we have no “cause and effect”, there are only preceding and subsequent events.

  4. Stop multiplying, there are already more than seven billion people on the planet, and every 10 years it increases by another billion, and the resources on the planet are getting smaller and smaller every year.

  5. Why do people reproduce?..

    Program. (Man is a biological mechanism programmed for a certain period of time, performing its role in the big theater of mad engineers.)

    Why do you need to continue childbirth?..

    Program. (A biological (or any other) mechanism exists only as long as its program exists (is not completed).)

    Why does everyone want this so badly?..

    Not everything… but … the PROGRAM.

    After all, the vast majority of bipeds on this planet who call themselves “people” are just walking pieces of meat, creating extras in the illusion of life…


  6. Reproduction is a law of nature. There will be no reproduction, and there will be no nature. Everyone doesn't want this so much as they can't overcome one of their basic instincts, because it's impossible. We are all biological organisms and the instinct to reproduce is written in our genes, I even suspect that under the number 1.

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