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  1. There is a very interesting book directly related to your question. It can change your attitude to other people, to yourself, or simply diversify your horizons with interesting theories…

    “Family and how to survive in it”

  2. Because the truth should be served as a coat to the lady, then no one will be offended. If people take offense at your words, this is a clear sign that there is a lubricant element in your words.

  3. In most cases, good begets good, and evil begets evil, well, like how it will come back and respond. If the “truth” does not interfere with others, if this “truth” cannot be changed by a person ( for example, strabismus), and if the “truth” is boorish and harsh, then it causes only evil emotions, and therefore it is not surprising that people react to your super-hot truth in this way. These are not people who want to bathe in sweet lies, just as it will come back and respond))

  4. It seems to me that the point is not that a person is offended by the truth, it's just that such expressions usually mask rudeness and lack of a sense of tact. I mean, the truth can be told in many ways, and if a person is offended, it is likely that it was served rudely or even in the form of an insult. Let's assume that a person can't sing. You can tell him that he is a flawed musician without hearing and in general, you have from his disgusting voice ears wither. Or you can say that it does not reach the right note at some points, and it would be great to practice with the accompaniment to improve your skills and learn a particular piece. There are, of course, people who are offended by everything, but here, too, it's not that you (ayayay!) they told the truth.

    1. If I tell you that your question is stupid and not interesting, will you be offended? why?�

    2. There is no common objective “truth” for everyone, everyone has their own. Your truth is not the truth for another person and they don't want to hear it or know it. That's all.

  5. Because people rarely like to accept the truth for what it is. They are better off eating sweet lies than accepting reality. But there are different situations in life, so sometimes you don't have to say everything you think.

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