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  1. As a manifestation of sympathy, giving attention . A greeting helps to maintain or strengthen a social connection with a person/people. “Hello” – as a health wish, or just a gesture-indicates openness,a small manifestation of care .

  2. This can have many functions, and I can highlight the following::

    1. Definitional – when you say hello to a person, you can determine their nationality, in a certain sense, their type of communication, and then understand whether you should start a dialogue with them.

    2. Contactee – you can understand the mood of a person, you can notice whether to help them, support them, or leave them alone.

    Saying hello doesn't just mean saying “Hello” or “Hello”, but some short dialogue. From here we can highlight more :

    3. Social – you maintain some point of knowledge about each other in a concise way. For example, when you ask “How are you?”you can answer 'Bad', 'Good' , and so on. and the person will learn something about you – > will know what to talk to you about later or whether to help you.

    4. Mass-contacting – for example, by saying hello to a group of people in one word or, for example, saying hello to one person from a group of people, you can make it clear whether they should start a dialogue with you and whether they are interested in you at all. This will also include a defining function.

    Well, you can't rule it out at all:

    5. Political – generally said… This is when you are greeted by a cashier, taxi driver, and so on. in order to show you my willingness to listen and perform.

  3. To show respect for each other. After all, the first step in showing your respect for a person is to notice them.

    In addition, during the greeting, you can determine how the person is set up for you, whether he is disposed to further communication.

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