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  1. An opinion cannot be right or wrong – only a fact can be right or wrong (or rather, reliable).

    Let's say 2+2=4 (and then only within the limits of arithmetic: adding two nostrils with two eggs does not give four, as Pelevin correctly noted). This is a fact. And the opinions of a two-year-old and a seven-year-old child on this subject are completely different.

    Unnecessary emotions and cognitive errors occur in people precisely because they perceive other people's opinions as “facts” and start spluttering, proving that the opinion is”wrong”, instead of just formulating their own and putting it side by side on the same shelf.

    Therefore, it is always only a dispute about facts that makes sense. Arguing about opinions is idiotic. Opinions are only possible in a constructive discussion.

    For example, I am sometimes reproached for the seemingly categorical nature of my statements. This impression is created precisely because I do not burden myself with verbal curtsies like “I think…”, “I think that…”, “I think so…” and other husks, but express myself exclusively to the point. The fact that this is my opinion is understandable to a reasonable listener-and putting a curtsy next to it is as stupid as decorating a really funny joke with a smiley face.

  2. There are questions from different areas. For example, the question of beauty. Here everyone has their own point of view, and that “it's good for the Russian, then death for the German”. There are also questions from the field of science. And it will be difficult for a professor of philology to argue with a professor of mathematics (generalize) in the proof of any theorem. As well as vice versa, if we are talking about the origin of the word. But after all, no one will forbid them to talk about a given topic. Just on the one hand there will be knowledge and accumulated experience (arguments and facts), on the other only assumptions (although also based on knowledge and accumulated experience). So everything is as always relative.

    At the heart of the question – why do people say that? But after all, you need to show “who is the cutest person in the world”. Everyone is better educated and smarter. Otherwise, you can be known as an ignoramus or even someone whose opinion will not be taken into account. The number of feathers it does not accumulate in one day, you know. Authority. I'll run it down. Even if you're wrong. How can I not be right? I know, I've read it. Where and when I don't remember, maybe someone said. But I know for a fact that it is. Check it out? Why, I already know what's right. This is often the whole point of the concepts “this is the right opinion” and “this is not the right opinion”. With deviations and all possible options. In general, yes, I agree, an opinion is just an opinion. This is a legal right IMHO of any person in this world

  3. why can't you judge?)

    man imposes his will on the universe all his life.

    as far as he successfully does this , he lives so well.

    after all, in fact, wealth, popularity, and power are only reflections of how well an individual has managed to” impose ” his opinion on others.

  4. If someone says that the elections are extremely fair, and you know how much fraud there is, then it is quite possible to say that this opinion is wrong. If someone says about white that it is white, then this is quite a correct opinion.

  5. You don't need special permission to do this. Anyone can evaluate the opinions and thoughts of other people, and have their own opinion about anything. But you need to understand that if on some questions there really is a correct opinion and incorrect ones (for example, �7 x 6 = 42, not 24, not 187, and not 3,545), then on many questions there is no correct opinion and there can not be (because there is no objective way to determine the correct answer, and there is no “correct answer” itself). Which tastes better-black coffee or �with milk? Are St. Bernards better than collies? Who is more beautiful-Angelina Jolie or Sigourney Weaver? Which book is the best? There is no “right” answer to all these questions, and any arguments on these topics are meaningless.

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