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  1. THIS expression “life is beautiful” should be supplemented and clarified-it is potentially beautiful, i.e. when 100% of all the possibilities of life are realized.

    IN FACT, the missed and missed potentials of life, that's 99%, make this life either unsatisfying or even hellish.

  2. Is it possible for a mind that is used to comparing to understand what beauty is in its essence?

    Is he capable of noticing it?

    I speak of beauty, because the essence of beauty is beauty.

    When you catch some beauty, you realize that there is nothing to compare it with and that any comparison is useless.

    Beauty is always unique, unique, inimitable.

    I would like to correct the words of the great writer only in one thing-beauty will not save the world, beauty saves the world. Every second. Instantly. Constantly.

    Beauty is the meaning of human life. The beauty of truth, the beauty of relationships, the beauty of actions, the beauty of the universe, the beauty of ordinary things, the beauty of routine … �

    I would say that not life is beautiful. I would say that life is lived by beauty.

    If there is no beauty, then there is no truth, no life.

    When I see beauty in something, I don't need to rely on something, compare it with something… I just know it's beautiful. There is a flutter in my chest, goosebumps of sensations run down my back, tears come to my eyes…�

    And in this there are no comparisons-equalizations. Maybe there is a state where comparisons stop? And you suddenly begin to see the beauty of that moment, the situation in which you are immersed?


    Just to note that…

    You are beauty. The truth is the truth.

    Just let yourself melt away. Our life is snow. Our death is snow.�

    Stop making a snowman in the spring!

    May month already, tea!

  3. Well, why so concretize? An extreme point of view is always a mistake.All that can be said about this depends only on what you really want?

  4. It would be neutral if it didn't make sense. But it makes sense. Life is a chance for the development of the soul, and the development is free and unlimited. It beautiful But if this chance is not used or used incorrectly, then life can become terrible. If you do not do anything at all, it is neutral, that is, it does not give anything to the soul.

  5. I think that the vast majority of people perfectly understand how our body works. There is nothing after death. No, that's all. It's like a dreamless dream, only we'll never wake up again. That's why-life is beautiful! Don't miss the opportunity to take full advantage of it 🙂

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