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  1. The fact that people seek power and governance in order to gain money and privileges is precisely the key cause of social problems.�

    The fact is that neither power nor management is an exclusive, or even a priority, means for obtaining money and privileges: there are much more direct and effective ways to get rich and famous. Elon Musk or Bill Gates have never considered, say, a career as governor of Texas or California to earn money – this is a mental stereotype of Asian societies, like the current Russian one.

    But people who strive for power and management not for the sake of wealth and fame, but because of their personal characteristics – the ability to lock in a group interest and contribute to its achievement, the need to impose their will, the ability to make decisions and achieve their implementation as a group – just deserve to be in this power. These are very specific features and skills, and no more than a few percent of people in any society have them. But these few percentages are quite enough to form an effective hierarchy and solve group tasks.

    The problem, as I have already said, is that these positions of power are mostly occupied by people who, due to their personal characteristics, are not capable of effective leadership.

  2. Power also implies the ability to control people. And this opportunity for many is a very serious value in itself. It allows even a complete nonentity to feel their own importance. Therefore, people strive for power, get satisfaction from it to one degree or another, and often “go to crimes” in order not to let the power out of their hands.

  3. Representatives of all social animals strive for power. The struggle for power is an animal instinct. It is clear that the leader is more likely to leave behind offspring, so this instinct is well established in the selection process.

    That is why there is a strange skew in human society. It is not those who know how to govern who always come to power, but those who know how to fight for power. Once it was the strongest. Then the most skilled warrior. Then the one who can put together the coolest gang. Now this is the one who will be able to make a favorable impression on the majority. All this has nothing to do with the art of management.

  4. Hah, we've only described extreme levels of power-seeking here…

    but sometimes everything happens and eem.. honestly.

    sometimes power is sought by a person who wants to remake the world for the better ( as far as he is right in this… who knows, but he believes in it).

    And since you and I know perfectly well that society itself will never be transformed, unfortunately, it has to be forced.

    EVEN if it's a positive change.

  5. the main thing for a modern person is to assert himself in society.

    own, make important decisions, manage destinies.

    all this is the dream of every second mother's son, who, according to his mother, will definitely become a successful businessman with an income of 1 million per month.

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