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  1. Well, because it's sad to wash your ass in silence, and the inner energy of some natures requires an exit and self-expression. In addition, no one sees you and therefore there is no stiffness and reflection.

  2. Oh, so there are several good reasons for this:

    1. You are alone, there is no audience, no audience, no scary audience to worry, shake, faint, or just be silent in front of. In a calm, cozy, homely atmosphere, solitude, you can finally just enjoy the beautiful yourself, that is, the way you are (and don't care that you didn't hit a single note for the whole song or the text in English is absolutely unknown to you), in this solitude comes the lightness of being, so much so that “the soul sings” in the literal sense of this expression.

    2. If you have a small bathroom or a closed shower with sliding doors-that's all, this is the perfect chamber scene, or rather the acoustics in such a room well, just disposes to some quiet (at first) song, because how well you can hear yourself!

    3. If you have a small mirror in the shower in front of your face, then the childhood dream of being an actor / singer is easily realized. Now you can sing at the top of your lungs, not be afraid of the audience, hear yourself and see, adjust your facial expressions, add gestures, express emotions-well, in general, everything, you are a Star!

    4. Well, in general, of course, it's boring to hang out alone for 15 minutes in silence, but don't talk out loud? That's why the concert starts on request.

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