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  1. Because, it's like eating a delicious chocolate bar, when there is a chocolate bar, why not eat it, and when it's not there, you don't get very upset. Yes, and just under good boots, it's nice to stick in some vidos, chat with friends, etc. A good method of relaxation from everyday chores. But in raschke it is better to eat vodka like an animal. And cannabis is neither…

  2. Let me tell you how to eat for an ordinary person, without arguments from Wikipedia and ranting about cancer treatment.�

    The whole world around you is filled with kindness: wherever you look, there are smiling passers-by everywhere, every leaf of the flower pot on the windowsill seems like your family and friends. You can feel life passing next to you, with your whole body. Every cell of your skin. Especially in the company of close friends. Immediately there is a wild interest in everything that the other person tells, and if he did not smoke and he speaks correctly, without stuttering, then closing your eyes you get into a fairy tale – you fly to the places that the author describes. He describes some king on a white horse-easily. You're already on top of it. The world becomes perfect, colorful, and interesting. Even in a routine task, you can get stuck for a long time.�

    Once we looked at a praying mantis for two hours. It was really good 🙂

    About thinking and the fact that it is slowed down in some way:
    One day there was a couple of sketching classes at the university. Before coming to class, we had a light smoke. Even my eyes didn't turn red 🙂 And objects that until recently could not even be imagined are already drawn in an instant on an A3 sheet. His attention was focused, and all his thoughts were focused on a piece of paper. Imaginative thinking began to work many times better and more successfully than in the usual state. But it was obvious enough.
    But you need to smoke in moderation.�

    Here you have been smoking for some time, and all the small problems are nothing to you. You won't be disturbed by any more trifles. Some domestic disputes become nonsense. You start to slowly appreciate what's around you. You love the sun rising early every day. And instead of: “Damn it, back to work” – ” Great, new day, I'll see my friends, they will have something to tell me, and I will be able to tell them something.” Life takes on a new meaning and connotation.�

    The worldview changes very much, provided that you need to smoke with people who seem comfortable to you. With them, you will feel completely relaxed. You will immediately find a common language and a topic that will seem bottomless to you.

    A big role is played by the type of grass that you will smoke. From the usual army plan to the white widow and pineapple express. The price is also different. But usually $ 10 per gram of good “staff”. Here it is worth noting that everyone's usual plan is just to laugh, the usual straw. But more serious varieties-yes, you can also make serious films with your eyes.�

    Obviously, if you smoke for the first time, then there will be almost no effect. It will be more noticeable next time. You will begin to slowly not understand the things around you. Questions “Why are we going somewhere?” and “Why do we have 5 fingers?” will become the norm.�

    But soon it will stop and smoking, as for me now, will become a place where you can feel the pulse of the universe.

  3. Why do people smoke cannabis? Yes, because it is in fact not a drug that kills you and deprives you of everything(if you take heroin, for example). But if you take nicotine or alcohol, from the excessive use of which, you are likely to get very serious diseases. More than 5 million people die from cigarettes every year in the world, and about 3.3 million die from alcohol (data for 2012). THERE ARE NO REPORTED CASES OF cannabis USE. It is proven that cannabis helps in the treatment of brain cancer, people with a disease such as “Parkinson's disease” can speak and feel normal(I will attach a link to the video below). As mentioned earlier, it helps with glaucoma.

    The attitude of people in Russia to this plant is amazing. It is proven that when using marijuana, people do not switch to harder drugs.

    Of course, there is harm. If you abuse it, you will experience a clear deterioration in your memory(especially short-term), as well as the harmful effect of smoke, since it is hot and irritates the throat. Undoubtedly, the pros outweigh the minor cons. Especially now they are coming up with more sophisticated ways that minimize harm.

    But the question remains unanswered: why do we have “legal” drugs in Russia, such as nicotine and alcohol, but relatively “harmless” marijuana is banned?

    Link to the video with the effect of marijuana in Parkinson's disease. I also recommend a great video with a full analysis on this topic.



  4. I've tried smoking cannabis several times. At first, it's funny and fun-an interesting state, but it quickly ends and a mental stupor begins. I remember once, after smoking cannabis, I took a taxi home and couldn't count out the money to the taxi driver for a few minutes. I don't find this condition fun at all, so I'm not interested in smoking cannabis. When I asked my friends-why do they smoke cannabis, if after it such a long mental stupor, I was told that this is the joke. I don't know, I don't like this state at all.

  5. In my opinion, this is the same question from the category of ” Why do people smoke? “or” Why do they drink alcohol?”, the only difference is that the first two drugs are allowed in our country, but for some reason cannabis is prohibited. From my own tiny experience, I can say that I didn't feel anything special. While traveling while in Amsterdam, a local friend bought me a marijuana pie and a joint at some of his trusted locations, and I tried it out of curiosity. To be honest, I was skeptical, and indeed there was no particular effect, perhaps it was the fact that I was actively walking all this time and did not try to think about the high house on the balcony, or the fact that I did not try to smoke systematically and buy in different places. Of course, the effect is there, some relaxation and lightness, but, as it seems to me, it is highly embellished and partly supported by inflated expectations. However, I am one of those people who believe that drinking a bottle of beer is a so-so way to relax, so I'm sure many people will disagree with me

  6. Smoking cannabis is an ancient practice. Even the Scythians indulged in it, attaching sacred significance to its effects. Today, smoking cannabis is a whole philosophy called Rastafarianism. Actually, adherence to Rastafarianism is one of the reasons for smoking cannabis (or vice versa). “According to the followers of Rastafarianism, the use of cannabis has a beneficial effect on human health: it increases the overall tone of the body, makes it possible to clear up unnecessary understanding of the world;” because in other ways it can not be cured. ” – says Wikipedia.�

    The second reason is the desire to relax and get high, which is relatively harmless. Cannabis is not as addictive as cigarettes, and it is much less harmful. In addition, it is impossible to get poisoned by it. It does not cause aggression, improves sleep and appetite, relieves depression and stress.�

    The third reason is for medical purposes. According to some reports, smoking cannabis has a beneficial effect on the eyes, has shown itself on the positive side in the treatment of glaucoma. In addition to improving vision, weed has an analgesic effect, and therefore it is often used by cancer patients to ease their agony.�

    The fourth reason is to gain experience and interest in altered states of consciousness. The more you try in life, the less you'll regret missing something, right?

    Religious rituals are also one of the reasons for the use of miracle herbs. Some Hindu devotees smoke it because Shiva himself smoked it.

    In general, do you know how many people there are so many reasons. Maybe there are fewer reasons, of course, but nevertheless – a great many.

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