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  1. Social success is a sign of victory (or non-loss) in the social hierarchy. The reasons are more than clear: in the system of values proposed by society, to be “on the same level”.

    Rather, it is revolutionary and cool to consciously navigate according to some other system of values.

    And it's really cool when I can do this, but I can do this: I can take a high rank according to the socially popular achievement system, but I can neglect it.

    However, the very concept of coolness is focused on the same social scale of success))

  2. Take, for example, European society in the broadest sense (which includes you and me). He was greatly influenced by the advent of the Protestant work ethic, which is based on the fact that on the one hand your fate is predetermined, but on the other hand God sends you signals about your fate in the next world. The main signal is your own life, and roughly speaking, your income/earnings. To this is added the understanding of labor as a work pleasing to God (and not as a punishment for original sin among Orthodox and Catholics). As a result, Protestants began to strive for success and gave impetus to the development of a free market economy, which then spread around the world.

    On this topic, I recommend reading Max Weber's ” Protestant Ethics and the Spirit of Capitalism “and Erich Fromm's”Escape from Freedom”.

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