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  1. For me, for example, photographing is a way to get in touch with what is happening, to live the moment.

    It's not a way of living in the moment, it's a way of being in the moment.

    When my son and I went to Uzbekistan in May, in the same Bukhara to photograph the huge old, unreformed madrasah – it was part of the surprise and admiration when a huge square building suddenly grows out of the streets, like a fortress – and it is authentic, old, with patches of fallen bricks, with cracks through the entire wall, and it is part of this place for hundreds of years, and.. And to take pictures-it was to touch, to see: here, here, and here…

    And in Khiva , the wall around the old city has already been restored in some places, and in some places partially; and the graves on the outer and inner sides of the rampart have been destroyed in some places, and suddenly it ceases to be a tourist picture, because there are real bones that were once dear to someone, and not only to their owners… And greedy shots – not just for memory, let alone memory – but – “I see”. Right now. Hello, Bones – now, in these seconds, I am with you, you are not alone, we are together, and I take you with me a little…

    It's the same with photos of flowers and your favorite people. A way not to save, but to be – through this process-together, in an instant.

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    Why is it so important for people to photograph everything?

    And I also wrote in the answer about another matter:

    To keep up the chatter, I suggest that you also think about why people take pictures in museums (not of themselves in the background, but just works of art), this is a slightly different topic, but still suggests what photography is. And photography, and painting, (and music, and much more) are valuable because they give you the opportunity to capture the mood, look! not what “really is”.�

    That is, a photograph, even the most primitive, even the one that even the authors will never look at, is subconsciously made with the thought “I look“,”I interact with reality“. And if you see a good photo of someone else, then this is someone else's. And about your own, you say, ” That's what I was looking at Michelangelo's David.” This thought warms and makes the brain remember something, although the photo may be the most insignificant.

  3. Images are saved for the collection. Collecting doesn't mean “looking at it every day.” I saved the picture and can add it to the chat right away or in six months. So the application was found.�

    As for the photos. I have memory problems sometimes, and I can forget even an important day, photos for me are a cool way to remember certain events, things related to certain places. Yes, I rarely review photos, only if I want to remember something. However, I don't really remember what happened in 2013-and yesterday, on Yandex.Disk, I was looking through my photos of 2013, all sorts of things, I remembered so much, showed a loved one, and told about some events related to certain pictures. It would be difficult to remember everything in the correct sequence yourself.�

    I recently told Chan about where I went on my birthdays and realized that I absolutely don't remember where I was in 2018. Only after opening the photos could I remember.

  4. To answer this question, you need to conduct a sociological survey of those who take a lot of photos. I can assume that the motives here are different. There are amateur photographers who are passionate about photography as an art form. It is important for them to “see” an interesting fragment of reality and embody it in a picture. But most of them are photofluders who can assert themselves by taking photos and create their own image of a “modern person with a camera”. For them, it is not the artistic search that is important, but the improvement of their social status, following fashion. Therefore, the “foktki” as a product of their “creativity” remain on their hard disk without further use, or are immediately deleted (which is correct)

  5. I review it sometimes. But I like to show them to other people who haven't seen them. To inspire, surprise, introduce, scare, cheer up and of course show off)

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