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  1. Maximum free will in highly developed (highly advanced)people –

    physically, mentally, psychologically, spiritually.

    Minimal free will in people who are underdeveloped (imperfect) –

    physically, mentally, psychologically, spiritually.

  2. Unfortunately, before asking such questions, it would be necessary to define the basic concepts: what is “freedom”? What is “will”? What is “free will”?

    Decide not at the level of shaking the air, reducing everything to the same muddy and rubbery concepts. But, unfortunately, no one is concerned about this. Everyone interprets as they want. And even for himself, he does not undertake to clarify and make certain the concepts with which he operates.

    And so, when discussing such issues, everything inevitably falls into empty chatter and shaking the air. A game of words and labels. Outwardly significant, philosophical, but completely fruitless.

  3. It all depends on what you mean by free will. Free will is the ability to choose red or black boots in the store, and choose between your own life and something else. Making a decision is a complex process based on calculating your benefits, which depend directly on your value system. That is, in theory, it is quite obvious to our brain what we will choose, but our consciousness will come to it itself after a while.

  4. Right now, you're sort of engaging in an argument. Between Merovingen and Morpheus. Two programs argue. For neo training. So that neo can make the best optimal choice. To abandon stupid humanity and the architect's dictatorship. And to save a friend. Saved love. Trinity.
    The next lesson will be when you start to fight the body. Weakness, laziness, fatigue, fear and pain. When the pangs of addiction come. When age-related diseases come. Or even old age. Everyone has their own time. You will see how the spirit conquers everything. Or not. But what's the difference? What did you come to the world for? To live as a free mind, as a free spirit? No! Your destination: eat and suffer, get sick and work. Think about your work. She's your best friend. And then you can figure it out when you're ready.

  5. People may not think about having free will, but they always have it. The problem of choosing between two solutions does not depend on our organs, but only on the hierarchy of values. The question is how these values are formed. Where do they come to you – from TV, from books, from communicating with people(which ones?). Personality is a product of its own genetically determined characteristics and society. Moreover, there is usually more society. The problem of mind manipulation is one of the main problems of the 20th and 21st century.

  6. approximately for the same reason that the appearance of heads or tails on the top face of a coin is considered random – everything that is not possible (or does not make sense) to calculate by modern means, we call randomness, and unaccounted for factors when a decision occurs, we call free will.

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