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  1. The fact is that a positive and rather “high” self-image in terms of value properties is, according to the general consensus of those who have studied this issue, one of the psychological/emotional needs of a person.

    That is, to maintain respect, acceptance and other high marks in relation to ourselves is necessary for all of us, as well as to eat and sleep, approximately, although not so vital. But, as with nutrition , not everyone solves this issue in the same way and in the best way.

    It can be argued that the most” healthy”, socially acceptable and personally mature way of self – affirmation and maintaining self-esteem is self-actualization in society, creative, socially useful and regular work, which is supported by money, recognition, and approval as well.

    Of course, this requires, in addition to the actual effort, systematically strain the mind and experience various kinds of discomfort (from failures, failures, kickbacks, etc. – in general, from imperfections). That is, yes, it is difficult to work. And, accordingly, many personally unformed individuals simply avoid this as much as they can, including because they are not fully aware of the situation I am describing.

    By analogy with how not to exercise and eat various junk food (chips, buns) is tastier, easier, and so on in comparison with a healthy diet and exercise – it is also much easier to be healthy, condemning the shortcomings and vices (obvious and imaginary) of others, allegedly asserting their superiority and, it would seem, “humiliating” others. Although the result is only self-humiliation and self-destruction, which is covered by all sorts of means of psycho-protection from reality.

    Naturally, the side effects are also parallel. A character who does not pay attention to his diet and physical education-becomes fat, decrepit and unattractive; and does not understand the importance of real achievements for real high status-also becomes, and very quickly, disgusting and lonely for almost everyone except “brothers in misfortune”. And not because such characters are “normal” with each other – not at all, just that there are no alternatives in communication.

    Probably so, in short :))

  2. Apparently, this is the nature of a person, which is expressed in his actions and desires. желании In the desire to dominate, to dominate, to have more food, more attractive females for breeding and pleasure; money to buy an expensive car, a house, maintenance staff, etc. This applies to all women and men, without exception. All this is a reflection of who we really are.

    There is the fact of who we really are ,and there are morals, laws that are created by man to curb animal habits in order to limit them. Therefore, ” in the consciousness of this animal species, which is man, there is a constant duality, a conflict – between what a person is in fact and what he wants to appear (be).

    The word rise reflects his inner desire to dominate. At the same time, those who act as subordinates are constantly in the waiting mode, or actions to change this situation and be in the first roles in the herd, in society, in the group, in the family. And as soon as such an opportunity comes, they will certainly take advantage of it. Everyone has one goal, to get all the rights to own social, tasty morsels of society. When we don't have all these enticing benefits and privileges, we are nothing and can't be called anything. Isn't that right? Everyone probably knows the expressions: “Who are you to tell me what to do?”. “I am an authoritative thief” or “I am a professional”, “I am an intellectual”, and I am a white and fluffy cow �waiting for a brutal young bull, �well, etc.

    The status of a worthless person categorically does not suit us! Therefore, we start fighting each other for the first roles in the pack, using various tools, both suppression and encouragement, to achieve the cherished goal. Competition in society is an indicator that our level has remained within the framework of animal psychology, as in primates. We just learned to serve our animal habits and instincts at a high level, hiding behind moral norms, rules and various religious and other ideas. Take off all this external gloss, and everything will immediately appear, bare, show in all its animal form.

  3. Most likely-in recent times-this is the culture of the consumer society. One person seeks to prove to another that their consumption capabilities are better, higher, steeper, or more correct than the other's consumption capabilities.

    Often this is not done quite consciously, and most likely because the person himself is a very simple social being, inclined to strive to occupy the highest possible position in his social circle.

    An example of such an unconscious elevation can be, for example, the moment when a friend tells a person that he has seen a program on TV about how to cook scrambled eggs correctly, and the person tells him in response that he has read a book by such a famous chef as Gordon Ramsay and in it, scrambled eggs are prepared quite differently.

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