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  1. It is important not to confuse love and falling in love. They often fall in love with the inaccessible ones. But for a long time a normal person will not want to play in one gate. And in addition, nature provides for the death of love from lack of love. She dies of pain and quite quickly (I'm only talking about partner love now, and NOT about child-parent love, it's different there).

    Unavailability, the need to win involves our internal competition. After all, if we can win someone who no one else could, we will greatly flatter our self-esteem!

    But it's also a transfer. It's easier to put it this way: who in your life did not love anyone, but everyone loved him, and perhaps you yourself?

    And you can already work with it. By finding the source of transference and working through those relationships, usually from childhood, you can stop the tendency to fall in love not mutually. And even for always.

  2. Can I give you a couple of specific examples? I don't know any of them.” In the movies, yes, they show such alphachs, cool, that only eggs are cooler.

    In reality, if you openly turn everyone around on the bolt , no one will run after you. The only exception is if you are powerful or rich

  3. Well, if a person is very beautiful and charming, witty and sweet, then why not love him ? And the fact that right now he is not in love with anyone, apparently the time has not come . It's not about falling in love, per se, but rather having certain qualities .

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