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  1. It is possible that there should not just be a factor of excessive thinking and intellectualization, and also a stress factor, which will have such an impact that a person can not stand it and slides into a personality disorder.

    Usually, such a factor is destructive upbringing, during which a certain accentuation of character is laid, which later, with development and further overlapping additional stress factors, can again develop into a disorder.

    For example, schizoid accentuation according to Leonhard in schizoid / schizotypal disorder or in schizophrenia. People often turn into schizoids because of hyper-and hypopecia and frustrating significant adults, whose way of thinking is very different from reality. Thus, they can greatly influence the child's perception of the world, mistakenly making it clear that it is better to stay away from the world.

    Negativism in thinking, given in conjunction with negative attitudes laid down from childhood, is the most important ally of incipient disorders. Mainly mood disorders (depression and bipolar), neurotic, panic and anxiety disorders.

    Negative thoughts can manifest themselves in the background – automatically and, thus, even if they are unconscious, can still affect the quality of life.

    Therefore, the main advice will be high-quality reflection and filtering of your thoughts and tracking your current emotional states to prevent any symptoms of disorders.

  2. Well, not all people who think a lot go crazy. There is an opinion that crazy people are not the most stupid people. People with developed intelligence and not so much can think a lot, respectively, both can get lost in their thoughts, but the first ones still have more chances to unravel this web. It is unlikely that “think too much” and “go crazy” are somehow connected.

  3. Why do they leave?

    Did you think twice about asking this question, or did you decide not to take the risk? Insanity is the colloquial name for a severe mental disorder that can be caused by a variety of factors: heredity, infectious, traumatic or toxic brain damage, or severe stress. But the factor of “thinking too much” is not among the causes of mental disorders. Inappropriate behavior, which is also sometimes called insanity, is more likely caused by the fact that a person thinks little or does not think at all.

    But in order not to fall into senile dementia-insanity-you need to think as much as possible from a young age. Learn something new, think about it-without fail.

    These are the pies with kittens, Polina….

  4. Insanity is one of the components of sanity. Absurd, so I believe. There are no diseases, there are programs that are not known to us that are implemented with unknown goals. For very talented people, something is given out of proportion, something is taken away.

  5. How Vysotsky sang:

    I'm not exactly crazy,

    But better with the devil than with yourself.

    When you think a lot, you are left alone with yourself, that's scary, because immediately come out complexes, shortcomings and disappointments.

  6. There are several reasons:

    1) banal stress that this person is constantly in and that he himself creates (i.e., the brain does not rest and eventually includes a “protection program”).

    It is comparable to not sleeping for several days: after 40 hours without sleep, hallucinations begin — the brain gives up.

    2) introspection, which can lead to depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses, and from there to obsessive-compulsive disorder is not far away.

    3) if the person we are talking about has, for example, schizoid accentuation, then both his thoughts and behavior will be similar to schizoid, but in fact he will not be ill.

    Although on the other hand, from a lot of stress, accentuation turns into psychopathy, and here we will already deal with the disease.

    It is important to say that the concept of “going crazy” is too vague. If you think too much about religion, you can become a fanatic, which is also kind of crazy.

  7. These are only the ones who think wrongly about the wrong thing.After all, sages, in fact, only think, but live in good health and for quite a long time.A true thought is like honey, healing in parts.Nonsense is like swamp slush….it can not only drive you crazy, but even kill you.

  8. I believe that there is no direct link between intelligence and mental disorders, rather, on the contrary, an intellectually developed person is able to treat their thoughts critically and can notice something amiss at the initial stage of the disease. And so, unless such people worry about a lot of things, which creates stress and the ground for mental disorders.

  9. maybe because everything they think stays with them and they can't put it anywhere… what is happening in their brain does not lead to the disclosure of the secrets of the universe, they just understand what is happening around them and this does not satisfy anyone… probably people who think just as much, but at the same time focus on some field of science, are less likely to go crazy than those who mostly philosophize

  10. The more a person develops his mind, the more deeply he becomes absorbed in his interests, in search of answers to hypotheses, up to a cyclical or complete lack of interest in the surrounding or external world. and the human brain is more developed in the social aspect, where it feels safer and calmer.

  11. the brain still needs to rest and not only work hard it is harmful to think a lot you need to be able to take a break take a break from mental stress

    just the brain needs not only to work but also to rest

  12. What kind of crazy question is that? And how did this idea come about? Because Afftar thought too much?

    Well, seriously, until the source is presented, where the information comes from that, they say, who thinks a lot, goes crazy, so this question is nothing more than garbage.�

    By the way, where are the admins? Why aren't they sweeping?

  13. Nonsense,if a person is smart, he knows how to set limits that do not need to go beyond.These frameworks can only address certain things that don't affect the flight of thought.And then everything will be fine.The main thing is to be aware of where you are and who is around you.

  14. The question is incorrect. To make it correct, it is worth clarifying what the author means by “thinking a lot”. There are thousands and millions of people who think a lot, for example, on solving work tasks. They figure out how to do it this way and that. But they don't go crazy.

  15. Don't talk nonsense. Those who thought a lot and went crazy, became crazy clearly not because of this. This is not the truth. Then all the scientists would be in a mental hospital and there would be no one to make discoveries and explore this world.

    The truth is, you just don't see the reasons. These people went crazy, because, for example, they already had a predisposition to schizophrenia, or less often organic brain damage, which was the cause of insanity.
    We just need to analyze the specific case of these people and identify the causes.

    And the phrase “You know less, you sleep better” is clearly not about this. It means as if I found out that my boss is a corrupt official and I generally work for a company that trades illegally. So maybe it would be better if I didn't know that.

    But from the fact that a person will think little, it will obviously not lead to anything good.
    Think, reflect, and be enlightened, gentlemen.

  16. First of all, not everyone who thinks a lot goes crazy. This is an exaggeration and simplification.

    Second, many people who think they are thinking too much are still not in danger of going mad, and there is nothing to worry about.

  17. I don't quite agree with both the previous questions and the correctness of the question itself.

    First, there is a predisposition to insanity ( if you have schizophrenics among your relatives, then you should be more friends with your head) and this has long been proven, and secondly, insanity is most often not caused by numerous thoughts, but by completely different factors: some critical situation, or the same predisposition, and so on.

    And about the previous questions about how introspection is difficult and being alone with yourself is scary: this is all nonsense, a person should look their fears and shortcomings and so on in the face, know them and fight them-for this is development. Or make an appointment with a good psychologist.

  18. Why do people who think too much go crazy?

    the mind is one of the tools of cognition of the world, there are still feelings, experience, there is still such a thing, according to Pascal, as the division into the mind of the mind and the mind of the heart, there is also the will as an instrument of action, intuition, instincts, and so on..Apparently, the extreme when a person focuses on only one tool (thoughts my thoughts) lead to extreme results and breakage of this tool.. There are rules of use everywhere.

  19. The less you know, the easier it is to live. That's why they say that it's easier to be stupid,and that destructive,negative,and higher-order thoughts are less likely to occur in your head. The more you learn, the more questions appear. Someone understands that everything does not make sense,someone does not stand up to introspection. A lot of everything,basically. In addition, it is very expensive to do.

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