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  1. Very generally, I think, a question. I mean, you know what specifics you're referring to, but it's not obvious from the question.

    A person who acts naturally, sincerely and openly in society is most often just a person who has worked very hard on himself. There is no” natural ” human nature: we as a species were formed in socialization. If a person does not master the language, some boundaries and limits of communication – and all these are elements of human culture-either he is deeply mentally ill, or an unhappy Mowgli.

    And socialization is already adjusting to the expectations of others, the ability to behave differently depending on your goals and the context of the situation. Go to the beach in swimming trunks, but go out into the city to wear pants and a T-shirt.

    Well, this adjustment can be “crooked”, incorrect, unhappy – then it seems that what you call a mask is an imitation of friendship. Another option-Stirlitz, politician, etc. – then the same is quite adequate for both the goal and the situations.

    But without special masks and pseudo-friends, this is a good medium-level socialization, when you know how to be different, appropriately presenting different facets of your real, real nature. And you also develop / complete relationships openly, clearly for yourself and others. They just learn it. Someone was lucky with parenting, someone later, someone in general through psychotherapy)

  2. So I don't understand why.

    All my two friends and one friend are people for whom I have sincere love and gratitude. Like relatives.

    But I will try to explain the motivation of those who do this. Loneliness is most often unbearable for a person, since he does not represent absolutely anything from himself. He is bored, ill, and sad with himself. Plus, in the era of Instagram, he goes to social networks and sees: everyone goes with their girlfriends to cafes, shopping, drinking in a large male company. Am I defective? So they stick to each other, just not to be alone.

  3. Because this is normal for many people who, at some stage in their lives, learn to interact with the environment, hide their shortcomings (including intolerance of others and the ability to hate someone) , and emphasize their virtues. Later, they adapt so much that the mask “moves out” and is not needed, because a person opens up to the world, and his tolerance and tolerance increases significantly, and the world accepts him in return.

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