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  1. There is one more small nuance. To accept evidence, you need to have a little understanding of logic and science. Be able to check information independently. Otherwise, any perfect argument will be interpreted according to the desire of the left heel. “I don't believe it and that's it!”

    As it is, you don't owe anyone anything. Just like you, no one does anything.

  2. A person projects on others what he experiences himself. They are not trying to convince you, replace “You” with “I” in their “You must believe!” and you will see people who are confused and do not know what to do. They have found a landmark and believe that they should believe in it.�

    You are like them, you are also confused, but your guide is the search for evidence.�

    And I look like you.�

    PS The above is my projection, any coincidence with people who actually live or have ever lived is accidental.;)

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