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  1. Because girls like the feeling of power, masculine power. Many girls love it when a guy dominates sex. Of course, this movement is not worth sorting out – I'll tell you a secret, but women are not very pleasant when they are really suffocated and literally have nothing to breathe with. But if you just take it firmly by the neck, it affects many girls in a similar way to how a cat reacts when you take it by the withers. 

    Of course, there are girls who like to dominate sex themselves. However, there are a minority of them. Many women still love this feeling of weakness, defenselessness. Understand that there is such a strong man nearby who will not harm you, but only protect you. To realize that at this moment he is at the peak of sexual and moral arousal. These are very pleasant feelings – at such moments, a girl gives herself to her man a little more than completely.

    When a guy holds her throat during sex or a kiss, the girl feels dependent on him. And she certainly likes it. Especially if you consider the issue from the point of view of the fact that a man is definitely stronger than a woman in physical terms, but he will not touch her with a finger – this is a kind of manifestation of love, respect, tenderness and passion.

  2. I like the feeling of power that a guy has.When he grabs me so tightly, I really feel like I'm giving myself to him . She was defenseless and weak in front of him, but he was strong and could protect her.

  3. I could have asked that question myself a few years ago, before I met a man who wanted to obey me. All my feminist tendencies were gone. It's an extraordinary feeling that came with the right person.

  4. An ordinary sexual fetish. A woman likes to feel how a man uses his physical strength, in a situation where this demonstrates how much he wants a woman. About the same thing that men experience when a woman licks them during sex or strokes their head, ruffling their hair. But don't overdo it. All this is convention and role-playing. In fact, women don't like it when it hurts. You don't like it when women give you hickeys, do you?

  5. This is called scarfing. Oxygen stops entering the brain and consciousness is somewhat blurred, some like it during sex.

    There are those who self-hang and masturbate, by the way, Bill from kill Bill died from this. In total, in the United States alone, more than 200 people per year die from it.

    I advise you to be careful , and it is better not to practice this at all. Fatalities are not uncommon.

  6. Easy BDSM in the most profound sense. When at the level of breathing телом the body is aware of defenselessness and dependence. No distracting or unconvincing feelings. Unconditional inclusion

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