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  1. Here, I think, are some reasons that may well describe this situation.

    1. One way or another, everyone has an impression of people. Probably, everyone can notice something in common among people who are similar in appearance, occupation, or something else. If you have once had a negative experience with a person from this group, you may be biased against the person from the very beginning, based on previously obtained data about people who are potentially similar. Or if some factors coincide, the same associative series may occur, only not from the very beginning of acquaintance, but after a series of certain conditions are met.

    2. Each person has a smell/pheromones. It is possible that a particular smell can cause such a reaction. Also, depending on the behavior (the release of adrenaline, for example), your reaction may change, even if it happens outside the understanding of your consciousness.

    3. Perhaps these people have already started to annoy you earlier, it's just that your “censorship” did not allow itself to openly admit this, but waited for the coincidence of certain factors, roughly speaking, waiting for an excuse to then refuse to communicate with a calm soul. And you, being unwilling to actually admit it to yourself, experience the effect of surprise, after all the conditions have come together.

    4. There is a tendency to change the situation. A hidden desire to search for new sensations and people, and in order to maintain a certain balance, you subconsciously refuse to communicate with “old” people (as if freeing up space for new applicants), who on a certain scale have become less attractive, or less attractive (once again, this is not about appearance, but in general about any factor) in comparison with another new acquaintance or potential new acquaintance.

    5. Or, let's say you want to get rid of certain qualities in yourself, but due to the lack of opportunities, conditions, you can not do this, thereby you get rid of people in whom those very qualities you could notice.

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