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  1. I see at least one ambiguity here: the word “center” can mean both the center of the platform and the city center (i.e., a certain center on the metro map). The first car from the center in the first case will mean the central car, and there will be two variants of the last car from the center in general.�

    Well, after thinking about it, we realized that “from the center” still means the direction of the train. Now, in the case of a meeting on some Parnassus, we will, of course, sort it out. But what if we meet at the center? “Center” is sometimes not just one station, but a certain number (for example, four). And this situation is no longer easy to understand.

    Not to mention the fact that this phrase is banal unfamiliar to a large number of people (apparently, this is what they say in a particular region), and they need time to understand it, while the author has it brought to automatism. In St. Petersburg, for example, I did not hear that it was used.

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