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  1. Usually, this state is reached by people who have crossed the “TOO” line. Maybe even more than once.

    Too much/strong(sic)

    pain,resentment, worry, loss,disappointment, grief, fear, loss,hopelessness, betrayal, long achievement of the goal, loneliness, etc.

    The most unpleasant thing in such a situation is that sooner or later a person will begin to fill such an emotional void.

    And not always with the help of useful and healthy things.

  2. What is called emotional emptiness is emotional overcrowding. It's the same with indifference. Too frequent discrimination without material tasks and their results overloads the consciousness.

  3. Just because some particularly unpleasant circumstances strongly influenced such people. Perhaps it is a matter of a series of events, perhaps in power. However, the fact is that a person could be impressed to such an extent that he later simply did not have the strength to experience any more emotions. Burned out.

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