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  1. I would not consider this question solely from the side of luck or bad luck,luck or miss. It all depends on a person's ability to work, their interest,and their desire to get something new for themselves. Of course, you can give me examples when a person becomes famous just like that,for example, if the phrase they say becomes a meme,but this case is so rare that for the most part you don't have to hope for such luck. So those who say that they did not get anything in this life just did not try hard enough or were not really interested in achieving this or that result.

  2. If you can put 1000 minuses to Yaroslav Nikolaevich, I would put 1000 minuses. This is written only by those who have never been particularly beaten by their face on asphalt.�

    I agree with the author. Support. I've already seen so many times that I have no illusions about the “justice of fate”, such as when you try, you get good results. Xyyyy.�

    Luck plays a big role, in my opinion. It is clear that if you sit on your butt, then luck will not save you. But to believe in pink ponies, in cause and effect without the influence of chance , is the height of stupidity.

  3. It's like playing cards. It doesn't matter what you get. The main thing is how you play them. A man with aces can fool them stupidly. And a person with sixes will correctly exchange them for sevens.

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