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  1. Successful art is art that responds to the needs of the audience. And what do the audience ask for? The most common request is: “Tell me I'm a cool dude.” This can be said in many different ways, because different people see their coolness differently. For example, if a person likes to feel smarter than others, then you can show him a comedy about idiots. If a person wants to think of himself as a person with high principles, then you can show him a heroic movie about the war or about a feat in peacetime, which will confirm the importance of high principles. If a person wants to see himself as a fighter against the regime, then you can show him a movie that ” boldly tears off the covers.” Etc.�

    There are people whose coolness is tied to solving on-screen puzzles. They say, ” no one understands this except me.” Or, ” No one can figure this out but me.” I note that such feelings may well be self-deception. But it doesn't matter. It is important that they bring pleasure. �

    Also, certain people like art that invites co-creation and interpretation. That's why some people like “concrete” paintings like Repin's, while others like “vague” paintings like Jackson Pollock's. Repin's painting says what the artist wants to say, and “Number 5” invites dialogue. This is an art form for those who are more of a writer than a reader.

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