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  1. In principle, the phrase “because life is unfair”is enough for the answer.

    But if you look at it, I can tell you that what you consider torment is actually a common situation for another person, he considers it the norm and does not know any other life. It's like calling it a torment for some people to travel by bus or metro.

    That is, if you have never traveled in a car, then it's fine for you to sit in a minibus, and if you spend your whole life in a taxi and your own car, then of course one trip will be impressive for a month.

    Oh, yes, a beautiful life is also a burden, for many it is very difficult to lead such a lifestyle, consider yourself doing nothing, just having fun, you can get insanely tired of it, in addition, visiting all sorts of boutiques and beauty salons also takes time. But the main thing is that sooner or later you have to earn money yourself and a beautiful life ends, but not everyone is able to rebuild, there are only a few of those who have fallen into such a life forever, and these are almost always chicks, to be honest, I don't envy them. This story is similar to the story of Saltykov-Shchedrin, it seems that the “Wild Landowner” is called a story.

  2. Those who have become overgrown with addictions suffer. Overcome addictions (or so-called adversities) this is a mandatory stage in the life of every person. Having overcome them, a person moves to another level of consciousness, thereby starting to live a truly beautiful life. Again, you probably meant material well-being by “living beautifully”. But this is not at all an indicator that a person has overcome their misfortunes (troubles). Just for him, this (his material well-being) can be a misfortune . Well, what you think is a beautiful life is just an appearance. We all have a need to create the appearance that everything is good, to imitate a happy life. Don't look at the outside – тот someone who has actually moved on to a new stage doesn't flaunt their life. And don't be envious of anyone who knows what's behind that beautiful screen. Overcome your misfortunes, look first of all at your life, it has everything you need.

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