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  1. The answer is obvious – your understanding of what “stupid”, “consideration”, and “mind” are significantly different from them.

    For example, there is a worldly adequacy, it is also a trick. A completely devoid of it, a doctor of mathematical sciences struggling with a difficult theorem is obviously not “stupid”, but “smart”. But from your point of view, he looks like he doesn't understand the basics and doesn't think straight when it comes to everyday life issues. And from his point of view, you, accordingly, demonstrate the mind of an aquarium fish )

  2. This is an eternal theme) The Sermon on the Mount, a passage about the mote in your neighbor's eye and the log in your own.

    Simply put, nothing human is alien to anyone. Including we all say and do “stupid things”, do not understand something that is obvious to others, etc.

    If you know this about yourself and others, then you are not afraid, and you notice it in yourself and others – with a warm smile. And if you are afraid to notice this in yourself , then, as usual, you project it on others, and denounce others. Like, well, if I blame it on others, I certainly don't have it. Very commonplace, very well-known. They are talking about themselves))…

  3. It is impossible to understand the reasons for other people's behavior just because they openly think you are stupid.

    But, here you can fantasize. It is possible that you have some communication habits:

    • you allow yourself to be humiliated by them,
    • you feel like a second-class person yourself,
    • you are afraid of open conflicts, so you are afraid to stand up for yourself and have to wear the mask of a person offended by fate,
    • they perceive you as a victim and, because of their behavioral habits, feel the need to humiliate you.

    In any relationship, 50% is your responsibility, 50% is the other person's. In any case, you will not be able to change them. Therefore, if you want to continue communicating with them, it is advisable to change their behavior towards you, and for this, change yourself. If it doesn't help, it is advisable to part with these toxic people for you. Good luck!

  4. Eeeeeeeee)))))) To be honest, I do not know why this is happening. Probably, if such a situation with “some people” is not “your” people, and you just need to change them to “your” – those who will not consider you stupid. And there will be harmony!

  5. Who cares how smart someone is? To hint to someone that they are stupid, and even more so to speak, is blatant rudeness.

    If a person said this to you the first time , it's NOT your problem, if they said it the second time, it's your problem. Because after the first time, you must make it clear that there can be no more informal communication between you in this form.�

    If this is a toxic situation at work, for example, in your department you are exposed as stupid, then this is a game called “we will find a good whipping boy, and we will all spank and mock him FOR the SAKE of UNITY”, then you need to either transfer or quit.

    In general, often” stupid ” is called anyone who does something, lives, thinks differently. This is such a light form of xenophobia.

  6. This is a vivid example of subconscious psychological defense, according to the principle “the best defense is an attack“, and if biologically even more fundamental-a manifestation of leadership and aggressive instincts, common in panmictic populations (groups), which, for the most part, are also human!!! Even in that immemorial time, when people were not much different from each other in their minds, a psychological algorithm of aggression to any innovation developed in their minds, because the primitive element was merciless to the “crown of nature”!!! Over time, society he made successive historical transitions from savagery to barbarism and civilization, but the character itself, over many millennia, has hardly changed, because archetypes are formed for a reason and do not disappear so easily, if at all!!! A milder version of the problem is the so – called Dunning-Kruger effect, according to which,” oh, holy simplicity“, narrow-minded, incompetent, unskilled, immoral, etc. types are not capable of cognitive perception other people's virtues, in a certain consonance with other mental effects: cognitive dissonance and a fundamental attribution error!!! Personally, for me, the most odious examples of the Dunning – Kruger effect are the attacks on Albert Einstein's SRT/GR and the denial of American lunar missions from mere reptilians, but shamelessly using the popular modern relativistic feature-GPS!!! Thales, Anaximander, Leucippus, Democritus, Xenophanes, and Maupertuis!!!

  7. The trick is that you yourself judge people in the same categories, this can be seen even in your phrase. Stupid, smart, handsome, cool, strong – this is all hanging yarlocks, which has nothing to do with reality. And the reality is that even one person is DIFFERENT. And they all have their own weaknesses and strengths. Normalize your self-esteem so that you don't need to constantly confirm yourself in front of others, compare yourself only to yourself, and try not to judge other people for their shortcomings or put labels on them. Maybe a person has some trait or this act of his was somehow not so (by your standards), but this does not devalue his personality as a whole. And treat your actions the same way.

  8. There is such a thing as”social clumsiness”. A person may have an extremely high IQ, but in everyday and behavioral aspects, they may “lag behind” the team.�

    Try to be lenient, unfortunately, society is imperfect.

  9. the concept of smart / dumb in human society is very relative: what is considered smart today can be considered stupid tomorrow and vice versa. Again, there are groups where what looks reasonable to some people is not reasonable to others.
    Pascal once remarked that there is a mind of the mind, and there is a mind of the heart. They are different minds. Even so. I would add that there is the belly mind, the penis mind, the stupidity mind, and the madness mind, and so on.
    If we also take into account that today anti-intellectualism is in fashion – that is, intelligence in the opinion of a large segment of society, especially young society, is stupidity, then we can conclude that calling a person a Homosapiens ( a reasonable person) was a hasty decision.

    “The time is coming when people will be mad, and if they see someone who is not mad, they will rise up against him and say,' You are mad!!!”
    ascetic Anthony.

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