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  1. It was probably asked by one of my colleagues.) 000�

    For example, I'm too picky about my clothes and don't like to change them all the time. It's hard to find something I like.�

    If jeans get dirty, then in the evening I quickly wash them, and in the morning I dry them and eat. Yes, they are the only ones I have. )00 Well, sweatshirts, which are only two, I wear according to the mood.�

    But in winter I have a very diverse clothing. For some reason, it turned out that way.


    For 2021, the situation is reversed: I have only one set of clothes for winter, but I can wear a lot of things for spring and summer.

  2. if you change your outfit less than once a week, then the new image catches people's eye well, so the person easily attracts people's attention, but the main thing is not to overdo it and not to delay with a monotonous outfit

  3. Pfffffffff, just a month, and five to ten years is weak? Some people don't have enough money for anything, so why would they buy it? Don't forget what an economic situation a huge part of the population lives in.

  4. In my case, it is difficult to choose clothes for the figure. And if I managed to find something , I buy one size – several colors.�

    And in the morning it is easier to get ready – there are suitable skirts and jeans for blouses and turtlenecks. Just choose the color according to your mood. Great savings in time and nerves (and not only in the morning, but also on shopping trips).

    And most importantly – since I calmly relate to my appearance-there is simply no desire to wear something like this. The main thing is that the clothes are clean, neat and suit me.

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