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  1. Any public examination, in fact, is a self-presentation. When you publicly answer a question, demonstrate your expertise, you attract customers and increase sales…)

    Another thing is that not everyone knows how to do this unobtrusively and adequately. Let's say it's easier for me in this sense: I myself am the project, that is, people read me and then turn to me…) So I don't have to end my posts with something like, ” Do you want to know more? Join us at the World Society for Spiritual Self-Development!

  2. Because some people don't understand that the Q service is designed for questions and answers, so that people can share their knowledge, experience, and opinions. For live answers and questions from live people, not bots and advertisers. Both spam and advertising on the Q service is a violation of the service's rules. Responses that contain advertising context are blocked. If you see such a response on the service, click “report” and the response will be blocked faster than the moderators themselves can find it.

  3. Everyone probably has their own reasons, but the main one is quite easy to identify. Do you remember the movie “Duhless”, a scene from which the blogger recently uses for inserts? Where ” Babki, babki, s..ka, babki!”

    Here is sobsna and the whole answer, in short

  4. NOT quite people understood the essence of the project and its concept, so everywhere they try to insert a link that is not completely relevant to the question, but I also get mad at this phenomenon)).

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