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  1. This is also why some people like watermelon and some like pork gristle. Everyone just likes their own stuff. Looking back at the same picture, someone really likes to be slapped, and someone to be kissed.�

    If we talk about myself, I love when people touch my hair, it's nice for me, even in the barber shop I get high, of course, they don't pull it and I'm not a lefty person who decided to play with curls in the subway. I hate it when people tickle my waist. Because the sensations are like a cross between pain and tickling, very unpleasant, while stroking, squeezing – on health. And I don't like to touch my face in principle, although I almost don't use makeup. Because the feeling that dirt remains on the face. I can't describe it exactly, but I really want to wash my face. The funny thing is that it concerns only the skin of the face, the lips can be touched calmly. Apparently, unpleasant sensations from such touches and other people.

  2. The problem can only be in trusting your partner and his actions and your love for him, if you experience unpleasant sensations when your man touches you, I think the problem is in you.

  3. There are people who simply don't like a certain type of touch.�

    About the hair. For example, I hate it when someone touches my hair, it immediately becomes unpleasant and there is a feeling that I am about to get hurt. Perhaps the fact is that there was an unpleasant experience of this kind of touch: they wanted to stroke their hair-they pulled it painfully / the hair caught on something, which caused pain and unpleasant associations for a long time.

  4. Sometimes it happens that a girl can apply makeup for a long time, for example, and given how much makeup some girls put on themselves, extra touches can make the situation worse. Yes, and the foundation on the face, coupled with the stand – out skin fat, is not the most pleasant feeling, believe me. It's the same with their hair, some people take a long time to style their hair and, so that it doesn't turn back into an explosion at the pasta factory, ask them to hold their hands, protecting their personal territory. About the waist, I personally think, is another question. Friends or acquaintances do not put their hands on the waist, this is the privilege of a man of a higher “rank” (a guy, in simple words). And, if the objectionable puts his hands on the forbidden area, there is a natural reaction of rejection.

    PS Awesome picture on the background, caused a smile. It is advisable to do this with your girlfriend, but be careful with others-it may not work out and you can get slapped by especially emotional ladies.

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