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  1. Because it is one of the basic laws of existence in nature – either development (growth) or death (entropy). And it is reflected in all spheres of life. You move – you live, you stop – you die.

  2. Of course, and meaningless from the point of view of our brain.

    From the point of view of our soul, it gives joy, delight, satisfaction from every minute lived.

    If you like to sing 🎵, then will you sing “for some reason” or for the soul, for the mood?

    Why do we dance when we're in a good mood? Yes, just like that – from the heart and for the soul.

  3. “Everyone chooses for themselves…” Levitansky will tell you.

    Above, we recommended V. Frankl's book ” Say Yes to Life!” – I'll support you. A must-read book. Terrible for its documentality, it fascinates with its tragedy and human power.

    Frankl is the founder and creator of Logotherapy (literally: healing with meaning) — a modern-day field in existential psychology and psychotherapy.

    “People are often held captive by dogmatic conditions, the impossibility of irrational attitudes,” says Frankl.

    When a child starts to walk, we rejoice at the first steps, but then we forget these small steps that make up a broad gait.

    We focus on a very significant result, on the meaning and pathos of something that we need to implement and achieve.

    A person is the only being who is doomed to realize meaning and can experience positive or negative experiences. If the feeling of frustration and boredom is a signal that we are not doing what we can best do. How each of us can do this is something that no one else can do. Each situation is unique – the idea of “you can't go into the river twice”.

    Meaning can only be summed up at the end of life. Every time we are alive, we have the opportunity to change something in this life and become something that you may not have imagined that you can be.

    All this and more can be learned from existentialists 🙂

    “If you get married, you'll regret it, and if you don't get married, you'll regret it. So get married – don't get married, you'll regret it anyway. In any case, you will still regret it.

    If you laugh at the stupidity of this world – you will regret it; if you cry at it, you will also regret it. So cry or laugh, you'll regret it anyway. In any case, you will still regret it.

    If you hang yourself, you'll regret it, if you don't hang yourself, you'll regret it too. So hang yourself – don't hang yourself, you'll regret it anyway. In any case, you will still regret it.

    This, gentlemen, is the wisdom of life … it is-it is not, you will still regret it.“

    • the philosopher Søren Aubu Kierkegaard will tell you.

    For me personally, “Why develop?” is about quality and a high-quality interest in life. The better you know the shades of yourself, the more interesting and beautiful the world is. Yes, it is more difficult, but this is also an adventure.

    And the cherry on the cake from F.Nietzsche “If a person has a' why 'to live, he can stand any 'how'”

    Thank you for your question and good luck finding the answer.

  4. Many people have already tried to answer this question, thinking about the meaning of life. Each of them had a different answer. Someone found it in religion, someone in secular life, for someone the answer was a complete lack of meaning. There were links to smart books and quotes from the great ones. So I would like to look at the question from a different angle.

    Does a person always need to do something, try and develop? And what happens if you stop for a minute and just look around?

    The fact is that the idea of success and competition is very aggressively presented in the public space. Many people accept this idea, and start a vigorous activity, striving for what they, in general, did not really need. Such a race drains, takes away resources, leads further away from real goals and values. In this case, “fuses” can turn on-thoughts that life consists not only of self-development, work activities and receiving awards for all this. But from simple joys: such as relaxing, walking in the woods, kissing a loved one, or birdsong.

    Having meaning in life is very important. Sometimes it helps to save life in the most terrible conditions, examples of which we know from history. But the idea of the finiteness of life, the limitations of even the highest meanings, and some homeopathic pessimism are useful in order to get out of the race for a while, stop fighting, and pay attention to what is happening around you.

    Even the most inspired person sometimes needs time to do nothing. For contemplation, assimilation of past experience. And even the most beautiful old meaning sometimes has to be replaced by a new meaning. A meaning that doesn't raise the question “why”when you think about it?

  5. The whole world is in our head!

    And we make up our own meanings. There is no point in waiting for them from anywhere!

    If you don't want to take care of your boring living time, then who will do it for you!

    Pleasure is in development, not for some specific bonuses, in the end, but in the process, in movement, in creating meanings, actions, own works, in various areas of life.

    Claims in this life can only be made to yourself, no one else owes you anything. Only an infantile worldview allows a person to complain all the time, and make claims to the world.

  6. Good afternoon. A philosophical question. As many have already said, because everything is developing, moving, growing. And if single-celled animals did not strive for development, then we would swim serenely in the primary broth)) Perhaps this has a meaning that we just can't grasp yet. Perhaps development and movement is God, and only by moving and developing can we feel him and get a little closer to his plan. And perhaps through the development of each of us, through our experience and knowledge of the world around us and each other, he will know his creation and himself. Another question is in which of the millions of directions to develop? In this, too, lies a certain secret and incentive to learn which is destined only when trying to find these directions, by the response of the soul or the call of the heart. Because once you find it, you begin to appreciate and comprehend the creative energy that you put into the found directions, whether it's creation, offspring, spiritual development or something else. And thus you understand, or rather feel, somewhere at the very tip… on the very edge of faith, hope, something else so bright and warm… that the end, whenever it comes and whatever it is, doesn't matter at all. What matters is what you do, feel, and create…in fact, whether you are happy. If not, then you just haven't found or aren't developing in the right directions, and this is one of the incentives to look for them, move forward, and develop.

  7. Good question! But I once heard an answer that I will like – “those who strive for death or old age, do not strive for anything, because they will come of their own accord”!

    Life is given largely for internal transformation. Of course, only material. The spiritual (including knowledge) remains with us forever.

  8. Because it, this very “everything”, is not meaningless at all. Including “in the end”, not to mention the process.

  9. A great example of the destructive thoughts of a person who suffers from procrastination. Why do something if it's not perfect? It is precisely with these thoughts that psychotherapy effectively copes. Health and positive emotions to you!

  10. Hello! How is it that your thoughts have led you to such a dead end? I will allow myself a little irony on this score, in a joking form. No offense, this is just what I came up with for your answer.

    I'm sorry to disappoint you, but your soul is eternal. You are just her “Avatar” embodied in this reality and on this earth. She herself decided so and came to incarnate in order to understand certain things. But you don't want to acknowledge it. You don't want to listen to what's in you.

    Just after the sermon, your soul will enter the spiritual world and say to its mentor: “Well, I'm not a schmogla! That's all….. Next time I'll look for a different atheist, otherwise I couldn't handle it. I told him this way and that, but he didn't. I tried to tell him that I am, but he said no. Well, he doesn't believe in anything that I could do? That's what everyone says there and he doesn't believe it! Just think 80 years in an empty space! Next time, you will definitely be able to increase the energy level, increase the vibrations. I'm in a small minus here, well, that's okay. I'll get better. Next time I will definitely be able to truly love! I promise that this will not happen again, I will look for other ways to communicate about myself, maybe I will master telepathy or hypersensitivity there. Should I try it on another planet? Or at a different time? So I should have graduated a long time ago, it's time for me to be a mentor. Meanwhile, I'm sitting here in second grade trying to sort out everything with Vera and my parents. And I still can't believe in myself. I won't be reincarnating at all, so why waste time?”

    Agree that such a cartoon reality has a place to be, because there are reasons for this.

    And you need to think, of course, about the fact that your soul is very much suffering from the fact that you not only exhausted it with negativity and rotted it, but more than that, you renounce it. What could be worse?

  11. Just because you want to do something.

    When we sit down to play a computer game, we don't think “why play, it's just a game anyway and there's no point in it?”. We enjoy the process even if we know it's pointless.

    Life is just a game, but we take it too seriously and forget that there will come a time when we will still laugh at how worried we were about the outcome.

  12. This is a matter of self-discovery.

    Usually everyone sees themselves as human beings – and a person is mortal, because he is in samsara, and here everything has a beginning and an end.

    The realized sees themselves as a living being.

    And the living entity, in contrast to material existence, has completely different qualities:

    • a living being is eternal and indestructible in any way and never, it simply is;

    • a living being has consciousness as the ability to understand its separateness and connectedness with the surrounding being;

    • the living entity has the bliss of companionship in love.

    In the Vedas, these qualities are classified as Sat-chit-ananda.

    Thus, it is necessary to try and develop for self-knowledge in order to gain immortal life in the spiritual universe. Right now, as living entities, we are in material worlds full of suffering and death-development allows us to get out of this deadly trap in all respects.

  13. These aspirations are necessary for the survival of the species. But this is the choice of everyone personally, if you do not see the point, then no one will force you. Again, if individuals who do not strive for development die out without leaving offspring, then this is good for the representative species.

  14. We are not bodies endowed with souls. We are souls clothed in bodies. And the soul is immortal by nature. So the point is already to understand this meaning. And as soon as you realize that you are not alone, there are other souls besides you, it becomes clear that the meaning lies in the development of relationships, in love. Now it remains only to find a suitable object for love, one that, having fallen in love, would love everyone. This is God.

  15. There is an expression: “you have today, live it.” On the one hand, this is about the fact that there is no past, and the future has not yet arrived. And there is only the present in which you can be. And on the other hand, about the fact that a person does not know how much time he has, and you need to live and use every day to the maximum.
    Why, this is a question about the main goal. A person came to this earth to be happy, each in his own way and for as long as he was measured out. And there is meaning when a person understands and realizes his main goal.

  16. You know, I've asked myself this question more than once, but now I know for sure…. It is important to live and understand your role in this life. Developing and trying is necessary to accumulate knowledge that you can share with people and, most likely, this knowledge will help someone survive, become kinder, stronger… Try it out! And beyond that, we'll see if it all made sense.

  17. Why is it meaningless? We develop ourselves, we see the world in our development! On the contrary, there are a lot of meanings here!

    Cognition makes the perception of the world more accurate, which undoubtedly helps in life(although doubtful, a lot of knowledge is a lot of trouble)!) There is only a fraction of a joke in this joke.

    But seriously, we, as a society, participate in its development, and everyone makes their own contribution. We pay our debt to society. We grow in it, the alternative is plant life? Personality changes as knowledge accumulates. Society values the contribution of people. Not always right, we are still in development. Sometimes they were burned at the stake. Evolution has invested this property. Most likely-genetically. Otherwise, there will be no progress, a dead end-evolution. The question is certainly interesting. And the answer to it is simple – it will not work. What is the soul? What is a person? What is society? We need to answer these questions before answering this one!

  18. To change this, no one knows what a person is capable of, perhaps we can breathe meaning into this “meaningless of course” I think that a person has come closer to all this. so it will reach the finish line)

  19. Only the absolutely finite and the equally absolutely infinite can be meaningless, and this is very conditional, since they are also thinkable, since they have meaning only relative to each other. In the relative finiteness and relative infinity of life lies its meaning.

  20. The answer to this question can easily be found in the adepts of spiritual development. Religious and non-religious methods of practice speak about the possible forms of human development and its evolution, as well as the fact that in the end everything is not so finite and not so meaningless as for an ordinary person. However, the existence of a person, although it is only a few decades old, is also full of meaning. Everything that is given life has meaning. Meaninglessness, uselessness in the universe has no place, everything is necessary for something, and everything is useful, everything is rational.

  21. The meaning of the existence of everything and everything is the evolution of consciousness. All the forms, phenomena, and patterns of our world allow human consciousness to develop, draw conclusions, and improve. At the same time, both animals and plants develop themselves and contribute to the development of everything around them. If we imagine a “perfectly isolated” or theoretically independent Consciousness, then, in the absence of” external “objects and phenomena in relation to it, it has nothing to” start from ” and nothing to draw conclusions from for its development.

    Let me clarify that from the position I have described, all objects and forms are manifestations of Consciousness, because nothing else exists.

    In the Eastern teachings (I don't remember the original source, I read it a long time ago), it is described that the original Great Consciousness divided itself into many parts in order to know itself. That is, so that other parts of Consciousness can “see” each other from the outside, and, entering into interaction, gain experience from the processes and phenomena that arise in interaction.

    A poem about human evolution

  22. Meaning in the present life and gaining experience. From birth, a person begins to study the world that surrounds him, and in turn receives the necessary knowledge and understanding of the surrounding reality. Without this knowledge, he would not have been able to do anything. The more knowledge and skills, the more opportunities a person has, and when there are more opportunities, then there are more chances to achieve the desired result. If a person does not have all this, he loses meaning and gradually fades away, the personality is erased and the individual ceases to exist. If a person learns all these things, his life will not be in vain, and at the end of the worldly life, he will take all the experience and skills with him to another reality, where they will manifest as habits or passive skills.

  23. Because for those who do this, it's fun and interesting, we often devalue achievements and lose meaning after them, and we don't want to start achieving them, because there is no point, so the essence is in the process itself, and not in its result or idea. A process always has meaning in the outcome it seeks, but the outcome itself doesn't have to make sense.

  24. Everything is banal – a person lives with emotions, and in order to receive them, you need to do something. That is, we develop and so on solely for the sake of fun, even when it's not entirely obvious.
    In general, your question is more about the meaning of life. But objectively, it doesn't exist. Therefore, everyone gets out of it and tries to find the answer to the age-old question, and only by going through some serious trials does he find it. Someone lives hedonistically, but sooner or later it's time to ask yourself the question ” Why? “because we don't have an eternal supply of neurotransmitters. So that… there was no objective meaning, and there is no such thing. Most people on our planet just live, not even able to think about their extremity, that their days are empty. But there are also those who are able, First, to realize the whole reality, and secondly, to create a goal for themselves. And when there is a goal, a person does not just wait for his death.
    I want to say that I am glad that people ask such questions

  25. It is enough to find meaning in nonsense, and then this problem will be solved.
    This problem of doubt and nonsense is the limit of reason that people approach in their search. And you can go through it, as through your fear.

  26. Not everything is finite and meaningless. The infinite is inside and waiting for you to look inside yourself to find it. It is in the eternal that the meaning lies.

    How do you notice something that is constantly slipping away and therefore seems nonexistent? Become attentive. Slow down. If the landscape outside the window is blurry and the trees have turned into a green strip , you need to slow down or stop altogether to see the beauty of the leaves.

    There are many exercises that allow you to find meaning-to find yourself. Practice takes time and desire – then everything will work out. You have entered the path, welcome)

    About being hanged. One person said – I can't give up, and suddenly in a minute I will have success, victory!

  27. Not everything can be meaningless.

    And to try to do something and develop, in my opinion, you can at least test your capabilities and know yourself.

  28. Because you have no choice but to live before death comes and accept death as the result of your whole life.

    Everything else is your personal choice: either you develop and strive to be happy, or you degrade and suffer.

    The holy Scriptures helped me find the meaning of life-TO LEARN to LOVE, and therefore make people around me happy.

  29. It always makes sense, but not everyone gets it right.
    After all, if you start something without understanding, then we don't see the point, and if you think about everything, build a plan of action, then there will be both a result and a meaning.

  30. If everything in the end is of course meaningless, then not to develop and do nothing is also meaningless.

    The mind needs meaning, but life is beyond the mind. It's like a game for a child. He plays and doesn't look for meaning in it. He just plays and gets high from it. And smart adults come up with justifications for this, such as development, cognition, learning, etc.

    Life is meaningless to the mind, and so it searches for meaning. It calms him down, gives him a sense of security.

    But even without any meaning, life goes on. All the meanings may end, but life still goes on.

    Therefore, you can simply be in the process and enjoy life, actions, development, etc.

  31. We come to this world to fulfill our “mission”. Consciously or not, each of us exerts his own influence on the other, even in a fleeting encounter. Remember how you helped someone, directed their life path in a positive direction…Remember how you achieved your goals, and what else are you capable of, I wonder? I bet that's interesting…So do not be discouraged and enjoy your life))

  32. Meaningless for those who have no purpose, who have no meaning in life. This may be due to the fact that the person has not yet realized his place in this world. Or it follows the ideas and goals that others have imposed on it, based on their own interests

  33. No need.
    People don't do what they do for the sake of meaning. They do it for pleasure, or for satisfaction. Even when they think about it differently, or it looks different. But, if you personally are still indifferent to both, that is, you do not need sex, food, shelter and a decent place in the pack, then there is no need.
    But it would be better, of course, to find the courage and honestly admit (again, to yourself) that the whole thing is a matter of banal cowardice and incompetence. This is when you are afraid to do what you want, or do it, but without the desired result. Then comes deprivation, a state when you don't want anything and everything seems meaningless. We need to deal with this. With the ability to live as you want.

  34. This is one of the 4 basic existential questions (including Irwin Yalom)

    Existence is an immediate given that cannot be changed.

    Otherwise, the question is: “Why do something if we all die?”.

    This is in fact a given-that as such there is no meaning in life and actions.

    But the understanding that everything is ultimately rotten gives strength for any development and movement.

    As the saying goes, if we're all going to die, let's at least make it fun on the way.

    Maybe others as well:)

    This is the real moment.

    And most often, the question that torments you arises from excessive feelings of guilt, which in turn reduces the joy.

    Go for a massage or to a psychologist or to a bathhouse under a broom. Here are three ways to cheer you up.

  35. Because you need to live for today and + / – a year ahead, get emotions, new knowledge – it's great, and if you share all this with someone else later, it's even more wonderful))

  36. That's the whole point of making life meaningful. Everyone has their own experience. You can live a meaningless life, but it's so boring and uninteresting to live. In general, this is a very philosophical question, there are many theories to give.

  37. What for? Yes, of course not why.

    The world does not need so many successful people who are constantly doing something, developing, and so on.

    The world also needs losers who are too lazy to do all this and they live in constant fear that they will not succeed, and if they do not succeed, then it is pointless to do everything and even live(

    Doing, trying, and developing are the lot of the STRONG.

    Choose who you want to be!

  38. If we did not develop, we would remain wild people who do not understand anything, sometimes you try, do something, but in the end it is useless. It SEEMS SO!😲 Because for example: a child plays a toy such as jigsaw puzzles. We were still told in social studies: The game is a process in which both the beginning and development and the end are very important! Or for example: I sometimes read a book, then I forget it, and I think: why did I read it? even though I forgot it, I still somehow developed in reading, maybe I learned to read faster, or I have more experience now, or I learned a new lesson.

    CONCLUSION: development is very important!

    Read, do, develop, learn, assimilate and even sometimes play!

  39. There is a difference between doing something and trying, doing something and developing. Because we are developing from a state of “under-development”. And we try to get out of a state of uncertainty, and the severity is still present in this. But you can do something from a state of pleasure. I believe that life on this earth is a sensory experience with no meaning other than the experience itself. And a person is a creative and enthusiastic nature. Therefore, despite the fact that everything is meaningless and of course, we can choose whether to enjoy our life or be depressed. The latter, by the way, is also neither bad nor good. This is also a sensory experience.

  40. I think everything makes sense… a person comes to this world with his own karmic tasks in order to develop and reach a higher level. The trials of life, if they do not break us, will make us stronger and wiser, and people, especially our enemies, are our teachers.

  41. It's all pointless. But is it true?

    Here is what the church says: endure and you will find eternal bliss after death. It turns out that it makes sense! True, I happened to hear the story of a pilgrim. He came to the monastery and became interested in the rules. Some nun says to him: why do you need this, you expect eternal bliss? He confessed-they say not without it. In vain – the nun cooled him down. Don't you know that the universe is expanding at a terrible rate? This is how many working souls will be required for its arrangement? No, there we are not waiting for bliss and dressed up work like in the Gulag.

  42. Find the meaning of life and get the answer to the question. Someone believes in the end, and someone in the eternity of the soul.
    After all, this is a very philosophical question. Here, in general, we can talk about humanity.

    And answering offhand, if life brings happiness and joy-why in principle think about the end.

  43. Good day to all readers!

    In the first few minutes after I read the question, I was a little scared. A part of me wanted to save, as if the question was a provocation and a hope of finding out why to stay. Now I reread it and understand that such reflections are actually normal and visit people when, for example, values change. Perhaps it seemed to me that the words “try, develop” are a value. These actions may now be questioned. I do not know how “trying and developing” became so important to you, but no one says that it is something worth living for.

    It becomes interesting, and who do you have on the opposite side of these people doing, trying, developing? What antagonist words would you suggest now?

    The finiteness of being is a huge philosophical question. You can ask this question for a variety of reasons, for example, in moments of sadness, when you can not survive the limb of someone/something. And in sadness there is a place for fading, slowness, meaninglessness, emptiness. Perhaps as a counterbalance to the development race. A sort of sinusoid of life, where there are forces for development, and sometimes you want to hang on to the point.

    Wouldn't it be better to hang up straight away? And what do you feel when reading this question? Is this a transferable feeling for a person doing, trying, developing? I'm scared when someone asks me this question, but I don't run at this moment, wanting to develop. They are more likely to freeze with fear. I wanted to say, ” Let's be afraid together.”

  44. I looked at the Sky today and realized a very important point: Only the Sky is meaningless!”not a single sensible thought…and only in my head can I evaluate it, give it everything I want, but I don't have it. It's a pity that the connection to the Sky is one-way.)

  45. That all of course, it is difficult to argue with this, but meaninglessness is a subjective perception. The meanings of an action, creation, or situation are shared by you and other participants and users. And you can give any meaning to your activity. But in the question, you gave meaning to “meaningless” – how is that? no one needs it? are we a speck in space? A reason to work with self-esteem and the fact that the meanings you give are very important for the world and for existence.

    At the same time, some of the meanings are formed unconsciously, for example, when creating and perceiving beautiful things, your brain releases hormones. The object may not have a logical meaning (sand mandala), but just by perceiving, you get pleasure and live more vividly.

    Thus, it is possible to reduce all this to the brightness of living – in the moment, in the process of activity, attempts, development and when getting results – also amazing sensations.

  46. Because human nature demands it. In addition to basic needs, such as satisfying hunger, living in safety, and satisfying physiological needs (such as sex), there are even more highly spiritual needs, such as a sense of recognition, belonging to a social group (a person is a social being by nature, we all need social connections and communication). In order to meet the latest needs (highly spiritual), it is necessary to achieve something. For example, in order to gain recognition in society, if you are a journalist, you need to get an education, work experience, useful acquaintances, and go a long way in order for your name to appear in the column of a magazine or newspaper. And then you will be proud of yourself, the society around you (colleagues, friends, mom in the end) will be proud of you. A person does all this primarily for himself, for the sake of his ego! To be noticed, recognized, and praised. If a person does not want to do anything, is inactive and has completely given up, this is a sign of the beginning of spiritual death. A person is alive as long as he wants something and strives for something.

  47. This question will be truly understood only by those who have asked themselves similar questions — about the meaning of life and death, the purpose of their own existence, etc. – and suffered from them… not during an hour of sudden depression, but at least for several days, weeks, months, years.

    There are many answers to this question, but only those that are valuable are those that are born of this agony of persistent, intense concentration on it. It seems to me that everyone should answer this question for THEMSELVES. Only then will the answer (or non-answer) have real value. Ready-made answers do not give anything. The very question of the finiteness and meaninglessness of being is a challenge thrown at us by Life itself (or Death, whichever is closer). And we have only two options — after a little thought, forget about this question forever and drown in the everyday life of our pathetic and meaningless existence, or answer it truly, with all seriousness and responsibility.

    There is only one really serious philosophical problem-the problem of suicide. To decide whether or not life is worth living is to answer a fundamental question of philosophy. Everything else — whether the world has three dimensions, whether the mind is guided by nine or twelve categories-is secondary. These are the conditions of the game: first of all, you need to give an answer. And if it is true, as Nietzsche wanted, that a respectable philosopher should serve as an example, then the significance of the answer is also clear — it will be followed by certain actions. This evidence is felt by the heart, but it is necessary to understand it in order to make it clear to the mind.

    – Albert Camus, The Myth of Sisyphus

  48. It is important to understand. that life is a process, just a process. How do we live? But we live in fragments, eat, sleep, work, love, and philosophize. It's important to understand. that we repeat ourselves all the time.

  49. Looking at other people who have achieved something – we start to act. This is the psychology of influence. Inaction is not accepted by the company. There's no other way

  50. Not for anything. In the end, everything is natural and meaningless, because meaning exists only while a person is alive.

    Obviously, we are in a certain trap: we did not choose to be born, and, frankly, most of us find it very difficult to take out life experience. There is no peace at all. I recommend asking this question to parents-delegate responsibility, because if we don't know, maybe someone else had a plan? Often parents will answer the question “why” and will not be able to clearly answer why they brought you into the world in such difficult conditions, where the need to survive still hangs over the need to do it as pleasantly as possible.

    Actually, we live so that our beloved granny is calm. And if your grandmother is like mine, then this love makes us humble ourselves and think about how to provide ourselves and our loved ones with better conditions.

    And if you get rid of these attachments, life will give you new bright feelings. Well, or a psychotherapist with antidepressants.

    So you will understand that this is an experiment and its result is difficult to predict in advance. But the question of the goal remains the same. I didn't have to do this round, but I wanted to share some basic logic with you and save you some time if you kept looking.

    Unfortunately, I do not know what my answer will change? So I can only answer this way:

    What would you like?

  51. This is the meaning, thanks to which we gain(in addition to knowledge and skills☝️ ) yourself🧘 🏽and meaning in life 🤲 doing not just your favorite thing, from which you get pleasure,but bring benefits, while not straining at all, but on the contrary without difficulty with maximum results and finding a vocation that brings income 🤔 🙄 🤫

  52. This, my friend, is called apathy. And this thing is very, very dangerous, despite the value, drowsiness and lack of desire to do anything at all. And as for the question – so it is initially incorrect !!! Who told you that everything is perfect??? And even more pointless??? Three days before you part with the body, you realize a conscious exit from it… a dream in Java… on the 3rd day, you will see a girl so beautiful that there are no words to describe her beauty… you won't believe it, but this is death. As the self – person, and the process of transition from one physical body to another. And if you realized the task with which you came to this world, completed it, learned what you wanted to comprehend – then the earthly path for you will be over … to other dimensions and galaxies and forms of existence. Well, if, as Vysotsky sang:”… and if you are as stupid as a tree, you were born a bao-bab and you will be a bao-bab for 1000 years until you die.”
    …I'm in tiktok @mir-ot-veta … Come on in, I'll be glad.

  53. All I've learned is that there is no meaning in life. And the goal is a mirage, for which most people run at full speed, spending their strength, health, and money. But the most important thing is time. It is irrevocable. The trees are green, and you think about the goal, the children grow up, and you strive for the goal, your spouse is waiting for you, but you have plans to achieve your plans.

    Death comes suddenly, uninvited, and that's the point. There are moans and screams that you haven't done much in your life yet, and then everything is suddenly green and beautiful: sunrise, sunset, sea, wind carrying leaves. And before that, the meaning of life was to achieve a goal.

    Anything that the coming of death can overshadow is unimportant. Think about it and suddenly the very meaning of life will open up. It is light on the surface as well.

    The meaning of life is in breathing. If you stop breathing, the curtain will fall.


  54. There are some wonderful things in life. For example, music. There is a good movie. It happens of course for some when you don't want anything. But it passes, and you start doing something. Some people set goals for themselves in life, leave a mark on history, make discoveries, and some just live. They communicate and find common interests. You can just not think about whether it makes sense or not. But I think it's important that it's not boring. Learn something new, come up with a hobby, help someone.

    Don Juan said that in the world of magic, the question “Why?” is the most useless question. I think this “Why?” may not make sense when the answer is “Yes just like that”, regardless of whether magic (and soul) is real.

  55. Not at all. Not at all. Not so. The answer is hard to fit in a dozen lines.

    Looking back and imagining : – this is-everything that is around-landscapes, people, buildings, living life, the sky, what is in the imagination, what is in sensations, in perception-all this is “reality”, “nature”,”coexistence”.

    * Everything that exists in this reality is not a separate entity – its co-existence is made up of previous existence, is connected with the environment, and has common principles of its nature with the principles of the nature of everything universal. It is the totality of life-being.

    Understanding any thing in the world outside of being included in the integrity of life is arbitrary, inadequate.

    Everything in coexistence is formed in the nodes of interactions of many phenomena and processes.

    The evolution of being, that being in which consciousness feels itself, developed in space from elementary chaos to the generation of clumps of “matter”, to universal systems in the diversity of their forms and in the structure of a single idea, and, finally, to the generation of life. These are markers that show the direction of the evolution vector. A complex infinite process that forms a symphony of coexistence.

    It is quite justifiably accepted by consciousness, in any system of knowledge, including all religions: the integrity of Being is the basis of awareness of the world.

    * Implementation, development,” evolution ” of nature, defined as the process of co-organization, connectivity, complication of architecture, harmonization of coexistence.

    The character, meaning, and spirit of the realizations of things is always a realisation-transformation, construction, generation, development, and laying of the future.

    And this key postulate is completely sewn into the structure of a living organism, its psyche. It forms the basis of vitality.

    A living being is not a separate entity from its surroundings. It is a derivative and partial of Being as an expression, continuation, compilation, and embodiment of it. A living being is a cell of the organism of all-existence. And its nature, honed by joint evolution with its environment (co-evolutionarily), is coordinated, inscribed, embedded in it, corresponds to it and has a certain significance in being.

    * Every creature-in vital intuition-has an imperative, unconditional determination of the content of activity – to live, to give birth, to build life, to feel and express life. Live, experience, arrange life, the FUTURE OF LIFE.

    Man, among other creatures, has the highest degree of creativity in life realization – these are not big words, but the essence of his nature.

    Due to the peculiarities of its functioning, the intellect is not always able to formulate its own internal meanings. But this does not negate their actions determined by the vital instinct.


    Now about the finiteness-transience.

    • Transience is a wise principle of evolution. A necessary, albeit dramatic, co-existence.

    As the wise Matroskin said, before you buy anything useful, you must first sell something useful. When building something new, it is necessary to use something old in the construction and in place of the old in contrast to it….

    Especially applies to the living. In the process of life, breakdowns accumulate in the body, the psyche becomes overgrown with outdated automatisms and ideas, the environment changes the requirements for its functioning . etc.

    Nature acts wisely, assigning (experimentally) the duration of the life cycle in the maximum progressive development of a living creature.

    Finitude and transience have their own meaning in the co-existence that is being created.

    But it is not free. It is she who gives the seeds of joy to the current day and like if you manage to do something for the future …..

  56. The whole meaning of our life is to be a human being,or to try to remain one,i.e. to keep our conscience faithful to the “Mother of God”.The end is the crown of beauty.We confuse the phenomenon with birth.Birth is the joy of liberation, from the domination of the “unclean” over our conscience (thoughts).Everyone forgot about it, we think it was a long time ago (the evil one) and not true, but everyone fell into his dependence, as fools are not reasonable.We are even taught by one template,as it should be.” Bes ” has become a prefix in many words, where the letter “z”should be.They teach you the rules of how to write, not the “word”.He lowered us below the plinth, back into slavery and paganism (with his thoughts), “rozdelyay and vlavstvuy” – this is about our conscience, i.e. consciousness.Someone has money falling out of their pockets,and they say the budget will not be enough to raise their pension and salary.So-there is only one meaning, “fasting”- to create conscientiously, and not to change the hierarchy, a person for a monkey.

  57. There is no common, universal meaning to life, and there may not even be a single meaning to your own life. The meaning of your life is not only unique to you, it also depends on your decisions and life situations.

    This reverses the common misconception that you need to find the meaning of life first, and only then do something and live an ideal life.

    On the contrary, what you do and how much you take responsibility for your decisions determines how well you feel the meaning of what is happening.

    For example, Viktor Frankl, working at night, barefoot, on icy rocks in a concentration camp, found meaning simply by thinking of his wife, imagining her face in the clouds, and finding bliss in that moment of love.

  58. Everyone decides for himself why he does something, develops. A person is ready to make efforts when he has a goal, motivation. If a person is not initially focused (he sees the meaninglessness of all his actions), then he will not develop and act. And it won't work

  59. When we're young, we don't ask that question?We live, study and work. Do we need benefits for ourselves??Age probably gives such an impression!!

  60. If you do not believe in God and God, it is not only meaningless,but also absurd, and even worse. All that has been worked out as they say down the drain. Life loses all meaning.

    Thank God that not everything is finite and our soul is immortal. For that is why it lives in our material body, in order to develop.

    There is simply no other option, and after moving to the spiritual world, the soul already loses the opportunity to change anything and change. If the life of the soul was finite, then why “earn points” by doing good deeds.

    Whatever we leave here with, we will remain there with the same baggage of spiritual development. God is Love and created us in His image, and we are given a lot of time to acquire joy, peace, peace, love and other fruits of the spirit, so that even here, while on earth, we can feel the heavenly abode.

  61. First, even though we all learn about death at a certain age, for everyone (with rare exceptions – illness, injury, etc.), death is a distant and unreal event. Even in old age.
    Secondly, our life is quite a long period of time (although we would like more, much more), and only on us, our development and aspirations depends on how we live it, the quality of our life and, importantly, our children depends.
    Something must be done – life support, for example. And we do something for our own pleasure (without even thinking about whether we are developing or not) – we draw, make music, embroider, take photos, communicate with animals, learn to drive a car or plane, play sports, and much more.
    No one wants to live their life as an alcoholic, homeless person, drug addict, everyone, even the most notorious marginals, wants delicious food, clean sheets, love in every sense of the word, satisfaction of their psychological needs – their comfort zone, even minimal. This is the main reason to do something, somehow develop and self-actualize.

  62. Cool question!

    No less cool answers have already been received, that is, written by the responders 🙂


    You don't need them, because they are already calling you to do something, to try, to develop…

    Regarding the fact that everything is meaningless is not true, because the idea that you have, even if it is not so great, it already exists, that is, without thought, that is, without understanding, that is, without meaning, it will not work:)

    If there is a thought, then there is a meaning, that is, with a thought 🙂

    About of course – the question is also controversial and incomprehensible to anyone, except for those who have crossed this line and follow on:)

  63. You just need to have a good rest, get some sleep. Walk more. Strengthen the nervous system. Drink vitamins. And then gradually it will make sense to you. And the pessimism recedes. In a healthy body – a healthy mind!

  64. All this is meaningless from the ego's point of view. And it's very good that you understand this. Many do not understand, continuing to spin like a squirrel in a wheel, without even trying to talk about the finiteness of everything.

    Even psychologists I've met see thinking about death only as an incentive to get everything out of life as quickly as possible, like it's all temporary and you need to do everything in time. Not realizing that life will end anyway and all that you managed – there is nowhere to store. That's what scientists teach us. You are the body, and the body will turn to dust and there is nowhere to save all this experience of life.

    This in a good way should seriously be so disappointing.

    But the good news is that it's not what scientists say it is.

    And this is the spiritual way to understand who you are. Everything you've been told about this has come up in your mind as an idea, and you'd do well to find out how it really is.

    You should also not trust any religious fanatics who suggest simply believing that if you behave well, you will be counted in heaven.

    You need to deal with almost only one illusion in a good way – the illusion of yourself as something that lives inside consciousness. This is the ego. And it is this illusion that covers your true self – you are life itself, nature itself, which manifests itself as this world and this body and this consciousness, and which does not get better or worse from the fact that something in it appears or disappears, improves or degrades.

    And the meaning of life is in life itself! In this game. It's like a movie for the Absolute.

  65. I'm sorry, this is your personal understanding that everything is finite and meaningless. Mikhail Weller , a writer and philosopher, gives his version of what the human mission in the universe is. I advise you to read his book “The Universal Theory of Everything”. You will definitely find the answer to your question.

  66. Why do something, try, develop, if everything in the end is natural and meaningless? Wouldn't it be better to hang up straight away?

    1.�If you are just careful. The statement “Everything in the end is finite and meaningless” is valid only for someone who has reached such a general result (and not just his own!) he came up and thus has a real (and not imaginary) opportunity to sum up this result to everything (and not just to himself) somehow. I am convinced that no one living (including the author of the question) is in this tragic, but at the same time privileged (in the aspect that interests us) position. But even if we mentally assume such a position as achieved and such a statement as justified, the very presence of this statement is not the same.the fact of such a “summing up of results” will refute the content of this result, deny its meaninglessness as universal. The meaning will be revealed-although in such a non-trivial, negative form, which practically does not give anything for the past life. And yet: a negative experience is also an experience (i.e., a positive one)

    1. To be doubly careful. Finiteness and meaninglessness as characteristics of human life (I think that this is the real content that the author of the question puts into “everything”) not synonyms, but fundamental alternatives. It is the finiteness of individual (mortality) and even generic human life that makes possible both the question of its meaning and the search for an answer to this question (see philosophy and religions). Infinite, i.e., devoid of death as a horizon and scale necessary for its understanding as something complete and complete, life is meaningless and … inhuman (i.e., it presupposes another-non-human subject). Thus, in the ultimate human life, meaning exists, but not as a pre-given, guaranteed and universal answer, but as a task and work of one's own life, which by and large begins when one asks a question about meaning (at least in such a skeptical and pessimistic form).

    PS. Wouldn't it be better to hang up straight away? – (1) Not better. Such a choice will not prove the meaninglessness of your life, especially the meaninglessness of “everything”. Only your indecision before the work that you can do and that no one will do for you. (2) It won't work, it's too late. – You should have thought earlier! More precisely, do not think :). By asking a question, you have already found yourself “up to your ears” in life. We must swim! Good luck and patience, nameless seeker of meaning!

  67. Life is a given period of time. So think about it, do you want to spend it whining and digging for meaning, just waiting for the end, or do you want to enjoy the process?

  68. When you hear “pointless”, “hang up”, you can safely assume that that life direction was chosen incorrectly,and the human soul is mired in all this swamp,fell asleep.And if and when thinking occasionally wakes up, it points to an even greater dead end.It remains to offer one thing-let there be a desire to wake up and start other life paths.

  69. It's like half a glass of water-half empty or half full? If it's half empty then go drink some vodka and jump off the roof…

    Time flies – bad news? Imagine – YOU'RE A PILOT!

    Place yourself in an artificial iron cube from all sorts of garbage, and figar in the direction of your goal, improve yourself. And do not forget at the same time that you are a Person with a capital letter, have many positive qualities, can do a lot and leave it for your descendants, and most importantly, have time to make and grow them yourself!

  70. The fact that a person is finite, you noticed correctly. We're all going to die.

    But there is no meaninglessness. On the contrary, each person in his life does something that allows humanity to develop.

    Life is a galagram.

    It's just that it's really hard for one person to see humanity and its personal contribution to the development of millions of generations

  71. listen, in this world, everything is not meaningless,everything is done for a reason.for example, you went to the store and bought yourself a doshik, then at home you hacked into dotka.I believe there is no time wasted

  72. How can development be useless and pointless? This is experience, this is acquired wisdom. This experience can be passed on to children and grandchildren, and will help them avoid making mistakes. Only knowledge must not only be acquired, but also learn to use it in practice.

  73. You want to reap, and you want to forge, you'll still get it … I am an engineer, but for some exclusive work, not only did I not get a single pea, but I received gaslighting from the FSB, GRU, MVD or fuck knows who – the cannibalistic special services are full. Once in 2000-2005 I was a semi-poor student, I was an enthusiast, I tried to invent something. It seems that everyone was ratting, and then in 2006 I noticed a couple of forgeries with my works – the dates of saving the files of works did not coincide with the time they were at the computer, and then a couple of weeks later the dates themselves changed with approximately the dates they should have been. I discussed this crap and gaslighting a lot with the guys. After all, the Internet at my home appeared only in 2008. (And in 2012 I learned that I had been under surveillance all my life – they even bought cottages and apartments, not only where I lived, but even near the housing of relatives, where I rarely appeared.) But then one day in 2018, I tried to connect a sata hard drive to a computer via a sata to usb adapter, and the power supply through the PSU and into the socket is ~220. I haven't connected the sata to usb adapter yet, but as soon as I connected it to the ~220 outlet, I immediately heard a sound on the computer, as if a flash drive was inserted. I checked it several times in the evening – the sound was always there that night. I should have recorded it on video and posted it on youtube, but I slowed down. Yes, guys, all modern hard drives have a built-in secret interface like blue-tooth. And so these jackals steal everything from everyone!

  74. I also asked myself this question, and decided that if I happened to be born, then I need to make a masterpiece out of my life, a real work of art to the best of my abilities, constantly develop and improve, learn what the art of living with dignity is

  75. .to evaluate THE MOMENT ITSELF by the name of LIFE.

    To have time to do it.

    To p o g l u b f e. breathe in this life..(and here we are talking first of all about internal development… about the fullness of the soul… and everything else is only in order to realize the first one!)

    For what purpose?! so that later, walking through the SKY with a kindred spirit: “..do not forget anything: .. how each other was loved.. and from what was experienced..”

    And how much all this will be needed by Heaven in heaven, and we will find out.

    You can think differently. About the finiteness of the path. But I'm not interested at all. Maximum-it makes it difficult to see Life today.

    Yes, and the world has already been shown so much evidence that Everything is necessarily in the UNIVERSE for some reason.

  76. What should I do? Lie down alive in a coffin and consider yourself already dead?

    Well, yes, so did the great hermits from different religions.

    I don't presume to judge them, but…

    Is life so uninteresting that you can do nothing?

    Yes, even though girls are seduced every day, and … well, who knows what interesting activities there are?

  77. It depends on the direction of your thoughts. If you think that everything is finite and meaningless, then so it will be. But is everything finite and meaningless? After all, a person who is part of the whole creates for himself and for others what he considers necessary for the period of his life. He does what he is interested in, but it is impossible to control the interest. Here you like to draw. Try to extinguish this desire and ignite your interest in floristry, for example. It won't work) This world needs each of us. And it affects him very much. We're all here for something. And for someone

  78. Meaning in the present life and gaining experience. From birth, a person begins to study the world that surrounds him, and in turn receives the necessary knowledge and understanding of the surrounding reality. Without this knowledge, he would not have been able to do anything. The more knowledge and skills, the more opportunities a person has, and when there are more opportunities, then there are more chances to achieve the desired result. If a person does not have all this, he loses meaning and gradually fades away, the personality is erased and the individual ceases to exist. If a person learns all these things, his life will not be in vain, and at the end of the worldly life, he will take all the experience and skills with him to another reality, where they will manifest as habits or passive skills.

  79. Sure, yes, but how pointless is it? Life is given in order for a person to take advantage of this gift.How, this is a personal matter for everyone. You can just throw it away.Someone just needs to smell a flower for happiness, and someone is looking for opportunities for self-persuasion or just wants to satisfy curiosity, so they are always looking for something and learning.Yes, you need to do something all the time to survive yourself or help others survive or

    at least have fun. The meaning of life is in life itself, as in a priceless gift that cannot be disposed of lightly.

  80. If this question obsessively confronts you not as an abstraction (after all, the finiteness of life is obvious), but as a guide to action (sorry, to inaction!), urgently engage in encouraging yourself to any useful work and make every effort for self-development. If life has lost its meaning, hopes have not come true, find any other clue (yes, sometimes you have to cling to life, and this turns out to be the best option in the end!): after all, in our imperfect world there is nothing better than life yet. And life is movement: both physical and intellectual. And this precious life must be supported in every possible way – this is the MEANING ( and you are meaningless, meaningless…!)

  81. This is a very correct and timely question for many people.

    There is a universal reason for its appearance – dialectical materialism – the philosophy of the victorious personality.

    We are victims of education and upbringing based on initially false premises.

    How's it going with the classics:

    We will not wait for the grace of nature, our task…

    Science has conquered the immortal soul.

    We are the crown of creation, descended from the monkey and at the same time the future impersonal humus-fertilizer for plants.

    Then why live?

    Personal development within the framework of materialism is meaningless, it cannot be inherited. It can't be passed on to anyone at all. It disappears along with the material.

    But this is not the case.

    Winner of the Nobel Prize in Medicine, J. R. R. Tolkien Eccles: “There is no doubt that a person is controlled by SOMETHING outside of his body.” “I can confirm experimentally that the workings of consciousness cannot be explained by the functioning of the brain. Consciousness exists independently of it, from the outside””

    Academician P. K. Anokhin: “None of the” thinking “operations that we attribute to the” mind” has yet been directly linked to any part of the brain. If, in principle, we cannot understand exactly how the psychic arises as a result of brain activity, is it not more logical to think that the psyche is not in its essence a function of the brain at all, but is a manifestation of some other-immaterial spiritual forces? ”

    Everything is much simpler than we think and at the same time not obvious.

    The person who asked this question has already taken the first step-thought about it.

    For those who want to do the second one, please understand: http://nkartinamira.ru/chelovek-duh-dusha-telo/

  82. The author of the question, you just dropped the level of mental energy, that is, you are depressed, so everything seems meaningless to you and nothing inspires. Believe me, when your level of mental energy increases, your head becomes clearer, you will begin to see meaning in life, and your current state will seem like a distant, dreary half-dream.

  83. Something similar to your thought was said by Solomon:

    ..”And I said in my heart,' The same fate will befall me as that of a fool: why then have I become very wise?' And I said in my heart that even this is vanity;

    For the wise will not be remembered forever, nor the foolish; in the days to come all will be forgotten, and alas! the wise die on a par with the foolish…”

    Ecclesiastes 2.

    However, the thought probably came to him during a time of emotional devastation.

    In the future, he made a very important conclusion for himself:

    “…Nor is it in the power of man to eat and drink, and to delight his soul in his labor. I saw that this too was from the hand of God;

    Because who can eat and who can enjoy without It?

    For to the man who is good in his sight, He gives wisdom and knowledge and joy; but to the sinner He gives care to gather and hoard, so that afterward He may give to the good in the sight of God. And this is vanity and vexation of the spirit…!

    Ecclesiastes 2.

    A way out of the void of existence is possible – a good relationship with the Creator and an understanding of one's role in the universe.

  84. All of course – this is actually true, but not meaningless. And the point is that it is better not to try, not to strive, not to develop, but just to live and find happiness in this.

  85. I think the simplest answer to this question lies in hormones. Daphomin and Serotonin are among the most important substances responsible for our joy, motivation, happiness, and so on. I think we're trying to make a lot of money, set up a family, and make new friends, just to get these hormones. I'm not a biologist, but I like this theory because it doesn't always have a concrete , factual basis.

  86. you should never be afraid to experiment, you should always try and not be afraid of mistakes. I tried something that didn't work out don't get hung up on it you try something new and so on until it turns out and only then you can repeat what happens, you don't have to listen to me this is my point of view I'm not afraid to break it, it's up to you)

  87. Yes, it is.

    I'm under no illusions. Probably my grave will still be supported by my children and possibly grandchildren. If I work hard and make it clear to my children that it is desirable to remember their ancestors, then so will my great-grandchildren.

    And then-complete oblivion. I do not remember where the graves of my great-grandparents are located, I do not know.

    From them there were only records in ancient archives.

    We are one-day moths on the scale of history.

    And you don't want to live by yourself? Live? Don't aimlessly waste your time watching stupid TV series, YouTube videos? Live, create, do something?

  88. The only reason is to keep up with others, not to get into unfavorable, uncomfortable conditions, not to lose yourself. After all, there is no guarantee that after physical death we completely cease to exist, without the possibility of recovery.

  89. Almost all people born on this planet have no choice but to do something, to develop-because we are at the mercy of strong instincts. The instinct of survival, reproduction-that's what drives us and makes us survive. And the human mind tries to give everything instinctive meaning (love, career, science). And this meaning is important only for people, but for Nature and the Universe, of course, all this is complete nonsense.

  90. From my point of view, it is wrong to consider the development of “everything” in terms of meaning. If the ” meaning “in this approach implies the” Goal “of the development of” everything”, then this is a purely anthropomorphic approach. That is, “everything” goes far beyond the human and is dimensionless. And the life of man, and indeed of humanity, is indeed finite in both space and time. And the concepts developed by man for his human life are limited and finite, they cannot be strictly extended to “everything”, except in the form of a metaphor. This is analogous to considering “everything” in terms of “fuete”. The concepts developed by man for ballet really apply to some of the “everything” – to ballet and nothing more. And you will hardly be able to adequately describe, for example, the law of gravity in terms of fuete. Therefore, the concept of the” meaning of development “of a person, or rather, the “system of development meanings” of a person and the various groups to which he belongs, is legitimate only in relation to a specific person at a specific period of life or to a specific group of people at a specific period. But a specific goal of a specific person or group within a specific system and in specific circumstances allows people to limit the ways to achieve results, concentrate resources and adjust the result of development. All of this gives you a huge advantage in achieving satisfaction with life, even if it has many sorrows and one ending.

  91. It is in action that we live, in changing our reality. We can't change anything else. A person is alive when he changes or changes in the here and now. We always have a choice: either we change our life by trusting it in everything, or we start to resist the discrepancy between our plans and what we get. In any case, when we realize that whatever we do is not necessary for our growth, then we will feel that we are creators. This is exactly the point – I can and do, and the universe helps me.

  92. If you think about the non-physical world, then the soul is immortal and we come to this earthly life to take lessons, we can be reborn many times, and if the lessons are passed, we go to another dimension.

  93. This question will not be so acute if you start (learn) live in the present moment. Be interested in what is happening today, enjoy what is happening now. Develop not for the sake of the fact that this knowledge and skills “may be useful to me in 2035″, but because today I was fascinated, interested, and surprised by it. The well-known wisdom” The past is unchangeable, the future is unknown, only the present is subject to us”works as an axiom.
    Ask yourself the question in a different way: “Why give up a full life, from development and moving forward because “something may or may not be someday”
    Now you are here, your feelings, thoughts, knowledge, skills are here, and all this can be extremely necessary and important for you or someone who is close to you today. Focus on the moment you are in, without subjunctive moods.
    Like in the song”Don't think about minutes from high…”

  94. In general, everything develops, moves and divides into cells . without your participation . but your life and being tends to zero . you will not survive with such an attitude of your existence, the parasite is already thinking about how it will fit better in another organism ,and you have a similar ideology for molesting young people who think poorly and tightly, this question . once it popped up on a suicide forum ,so it “”smells” ” like a sect or ward 6…….

  95. Hello. The problem is that you think in categories. In reality, there is neither meaning nor lack of it. Only by understanding this will you be able to move on without feeling the need to “make sense of your being.”

    I will not give advice on how to abandon the duality of thinking. I think you should find the answer to the question of how to correct this distortion of your perception of reality on your own.

    I wish you strength and patience on the path of self-discovery.

  96. who is better then?) for me, life is not a result, but a process.

    from this point of view, the later you die , the more pleasant it is)

    For those who need to grab more and die like a dragon on a pile of treasures (which are useless to him) – yes, you can go through the window right now.

  97. Was your penis inside a woman at the time of the bombing in Luhansk? Did you try to abort an unwanted child with a rusty poker? Did you collect the remains of Donetsk refugees piece by piece so that your father would have something to eat and your grandfather would have something to finish? Only in these moments does life really open up and hit you in the face with a wrench. And you realize that trying to hang yourself at birth right on the umbilical cord was the biggest mistake of your life. After all, life was a real miracle with incredibly bright moments.

  98. The process of development is endless, if we talk about the species, and not a specific individual. The point is in the continuous process of evolution. The only question is that this process has slowed down a bit recently…

  99. Find the meaning, it is everywhere, just the author of the question did not find it.

    The example of Viktor Frankl in the book: A psychologist in a concentration camp (highly recommended for reading).

    And in a simple everyday language, you can find meaning through the question: what advantage will this give me?

    If achieving a certain goal gives you an advantage, then this goal makes sense. If you don't see the benefits of achieving a certain goal, then it doesn't make sense for you. Accordingly, there will be no motivation, overcoming the threshold of resistance and other things…

    V. Frankl: a person is an amazing being, he is able to overcome any difficulties if he finds at least some sense in it. But he refuses to do anything if he understands that he is playing a stupid role in a fairy tale invented by an idiot.

    Meanings can be divided into three categories::

    • meanings of overcoming,
    • meanings of the experience,
    • the meanings of creation…

    If you dig deeper into the issue of finitude and meaninglessness, then transpersonal therapy will help, where there are a lot of psychotechnologies for going beyond the body. There you will accumulate meanings with your head: from human to cosmic.

    In practice, such clients don't come across often, but they are very interesting to work with.

  100. Enjoy the process.

    Just don't talk about drugs here. Yes, you may be euphoric for a while, but then there will be withdrawal symptoms, total destruction of the body and social consequences.

  101. Great question. There is an opinion that the main task of a person in life is extremely simple: to structure and fill it out in the most applied way, in order to minimize problems in the process… Why not, quite smoothly? By the way, I am ready to agree with this concept, perhaps without “only”. And for people who deny or doubt the divinity of the world order, this is almost the only possible understanding of being, as I see it… In addition, this question is periodically asked by any thinking person with unrealized passionarity.

  102. It depends on your worldview. For some, it is not clear, but for others it makes clear sense. For example, to continue the family, or to save an immortal soul, or to pass on knowledge, or to have fun. Biologically, if such thoughts occur, it means that a series of failures or misfortunes pushes you to stop existing and not spend resources on the erroneous genetic code. Thank God, we are able not only to select by genes and their mutations, but also to learn. So, you've lost one meaning – find another new meaning, find a way to search for another new meaning, and so on. No strength – rather to the doctor, maybe vitamins or minerals are not enough (I'm serious, lack of iron, for example, can cause a kind of depression)

  103. For the fact that the real “salary” is given out there (at the top). No one comes here against their will, everyone comes here because they want to get that “real salary”. Only many people are still growing a body, forget why they came (and as adults they are drawn into various types of sin and finally forget why they are here). You should try to remember exactly what tasks you have for this life. The common meaning for all is knowledge and creation. Knowing yourself and this world around you, creating the material around you and creating the best qualities of your soul. What areas of creativity and knowledge you need to touch on in this life, best of all, only you will know for yourself-think about it. If nothing comes to mind, then do at least something good creative and informative, and then life will tell you exactly your path, one day you will understand that everything is going as it should, this will be exactly your meaning.

  104. You know, before I wrote this answer, I probably erased 8 of my previous unfinished graphomaniac answers.�

    And I came to the conclusion that, well, fuck it, it all went to the pussy. Went and hanged himself (joke).�

    question:Why do something, try, develop, if everything in the end is natural and meaningless?

    ANSWER: If you don't have goals, then you don't have to. Generally. Seriously.�

    QUESTION: Wouldn't it be better to hang up straight away?

    ANSWER: It's up to everyone to decide for themselves.�

    All. I could have written a longer answer, but I was in your position and wanted more specifics. If that's enough for you, don't read any further.�

    But if you're interested…

    My goal is to write fucking science fiction. In particular, because of this interest, I live. At one time, because of this genre, I became interested in: physics, mathematics, philosophy and literature. Since I have a goal, it makes perfect sense for me to try, develop, and do something. If I didn't have this goal, then there would be no need to try, develop and do something. In existentialism, this means that I came up with a life wash. This is how I function so far and I don't hang myself. That is, I chose the path of an existentialist.�

    You can choose a hedonistic approach, that is, try to enjoy life from the resources that are given to you.�

    Or be a nihilist, deny everything and everything, “we are specks of dust in the universe” and open up. No, of course, nihilism says everything honestly, including about morals, values, culture, and so on. But it is wrong to treat all this.�

    I don't want to fucking suffer. Since “meanings” is a fiction, then I'll come up with my own.�

    Life is absurd. Yes. But there are some things that are important to me. Like my book (future). So I just live. If a brick falls on my head tomorrow, fuck it.

  105. what makes you think that everything is ultimately finite and meaningless?
    � �And if you are such a doc in knowledge that you can confidently say-not just assume, but say that everything is meaningless, then why do you ask questions to “first comers”?

    There is another version, which is that this life is given to a person in the form of casting for a future role in an event. Pakibytie is an ancient Slavic word meaning paki — “over, more, more”, “again, again” and-birth, that is, “new birth, rebirth”). In a simple way, life after life ( well, or after death – as you like)/ Make sure you don't make a mistake with your conclusions – it's better to look for another solution to the “equation with many unknowns”

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