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  1. Teenagers explore the world, separate themselves from their parents. There is both rebellion and a desire to be seen. It is clear that such a person will receive a lot of attention, and attention in society is an act of retribution to dominant personalities. And dominance as a means of natural selection. In a simple way, such a teenager “sticks out” from himself and from the attention of others.

  2. Personally, I think that this is such a way to stand out from the crowd, because it is not always possible to do it with your knowledge, and the heart on your face may be interested in you))))

  3. Why do teenagers draw on their faces and stick stickers? Why do young people get tattoos and piercings? Why do they do bright makeup and choose beautiful clothes? Obviously, to feel freer and more confident. Search for different images, add colors. As for me, this is a creative approach of a person, a part of art. Draw on the face in the morning, and wash it off in the evening – I like this approach more than durability. A face can be a canvas or an object of creativity.

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