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  1. The government can't just write a figure. All data accurate to the polling station is publicly available. Anyone can go to the site and see if the numbers don't match. And the counting of ballots and filling out the protocol at a particular polling station are carried out in the presence of a crowd of observers, here, too, you can't really draw the numbers, although sometimes they try. Stuffing in this situation is the most reliable option.

  2. In my opinion, it is not necessary to unite the leadership of the interested party and those people who are engaged in stuffing. Different levels of abstraction have their own motivation, so the customer doesn't call them all personally)

    Let's say that the boss wants to curry favor with his boss, but he knows for sure that such actions will cause approval(for example, his boss is in an interested party) . He increases his loyalty to employees who throw in-not at the direction of the party leader, but simply because they want a bonus(for example).

    Everyone has different motivations, and performers may not have the same motivation as their customers, because this is not an army, there are no direct orders, and there are no people trained to follow them either.

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