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  1. Because most pulls are made in China. It is simply unprofitable for the global industry to produce reliable tie rods, because it is much easier to reduce the quality of tie rods and reduce the cost of production. In addition, the faster the rope breaks, the more often you will have to buy a new one (which stimulates demand).

  2. If you ask a question in this tone, it is unlikely that women will like it. The main reason is that society tries in every possible way to limit the sexuality of women, and a typical patriarchal man, on the one hand, tries in every possible way to prohibit a woman from having sex, and on the other hand, tries in every possible way to persuade her to have sex with him. And also that the lower average income of women in conditions of their labor discrimination and patriarchal norms encourage the material and moral responsibility of men in certain areas, the dependence of women on men and the patriarchal manipulation of women by men. But all this should not be a reason for violence against women. In addition to injuring women, it is also hostile to the realization of women's own sexual desire and pleasure. A similar question was discussed at the link:


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  4. Most likely, the tanki can not withstand the applied mechanical loads. Try using stronger pull bars or reduce the force applied.

  5. Because no one is obligated to give youmeet yousomehow please you at the first request. Perhaps because there are doubts about you and the proposed venture. And yes, of course, this can be a method of manipulation that should not be conducted. Therefore, you should never put pressure on a girl )

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