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  1. The dream is very individual: I sometimes dream that I am behind my back or somewhere from above watching a person whom I perceive as myself. Or on behalf of other characters, I see how they perform any actions on me.

  2. To answer this question, it does not hurt to read the works of Z. Freud. Dreams are nothing more than a distorted fulfillment of desires, i.e. a collection of fantasies about yourself, your Self (and not only in dreams, but also when writing novels, for example, because Freudian creativity is a “waking dream”). Of course, there are cases when I am given the role of a spectator, which is considered a kind of deviation from the norm.

    Source: Freud Z. The artist and fantasizing

  3. I see myself in general sometimes as if from a cinematic camera, it so happened that I see dreams every single day for several pieces in quite detail and do not forget from several days if I dream something ordinary, I also remember a lot of vivid dreams from my virginity to the present day.

  4. Today I had a dream of the World Cup final between Japan and Korea, in which I just watched not even saw myself, but just saw the whole process unable to change anything

  5. We often dream in the first person, but not always. The answer to the question, I think, is banal. Sleep is the result of the brain's work: it processes the entire array of data received during the last period of wakefulness. Since information comes to our brain in the first person, we also see dreams in the first person.

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