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  1. There is hardly a definite answer to this question.

    The first thing that comes to mind is that the body is waiting for the onset of sleep,and as described by scientists in a dream, our brain shuts off some of the body's control mechanisms(we don't run in bed when we run in a dream), and in the process of disconnecting we relax and feel safe.

    But there is another idea, on the vastness of the Runet there is a story about a guy who did not let kote fall asleep for a couple of days, as a result, his mother brought him a heavy blanket and he immediately passed out under cover, and when he woke up, kote was sleeping in the corner of the blanket. So, when we cover ourselves with a blanket, our body feels wrapped up, so protected from the environment. Remember how easy it is to fall asleep in winter under a duvet in a cold room.

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