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  1. Because when we like each other, it allows us to get to know each other better: through someone I like, and through what I like about the other. Because what I like about the other is partly directly related to me – I am part of what I like about the other.

    Because when we like each other, we become more alive, closer to each other, we are filled with vital forces that we might not have felt or even guessed before.

    Because when we like each other, it brings us joy, a sense of well-being, a sense of confidence and a sense of our own significance, importance.

    When we like each other, it gives our lives a taste and color and gives us a sense of self-worth, both for the other person who likes me and for myself.

    In short, we like to like each other, because it makes us FEEL GOOD!

  2. If we touch on the biological aspect, then we find the opposite sex sexy, signaling us with its pheromones that it is very suitable for mixing with our genome.

    Pheromones are chemicals that are selected individually and directly depend on the genotype and state of health. They are captured by the sensitive villi of the coulter mucosa and processed in additional olfactory centers. Pheromones carry information about gender, hormonal status, and health, as well as some markers of genetic traits.

    The sensitivity of the vomeronasal organ (from this whole system) is different in humans. It is known that almost all healthy people feel the opposite sex and respond to its presence physiologically. It is assumed (there is some evidence) that people who are sensitive to pheromones are able to identify the most genetically safe partner (who does not have the ability to make a pair of genes that cause all sorts of pathological conditions).

    All this, however, is only one and not the most significant aspect of the emergence of sympathy.

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