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  1. Yogis who have realized their spiritual nature claim that the soul, or atom of consciousness, is located in the heart. Some of them have the ability to see the soul, others know about it from the Upanishads and ancient treatises on yoga. Our conscious self, the subject of the experience we receive, is located in the heart, not in the brain, which is just a machine or computer that we use.

    It is the presence of the soul, an inexhaustible source of energy, that makes the heart muscle constantly work. The five streams of vital air, prana, or chi, as the Chinese call prana, also converge in the area of the heart. Charged with the energy of the soul, they carry its consciousness through the nervous channels throughout the body. But even those who do not know this, when introducing themselves or pointing at themselves, put their hand to the heart, and not to the head or stomach.

  2. I do not agree with the first respondent in considering the dominant role of adrenaline in such processes. Everything is described absolutely correctly, but I will assume that the main reason for such “heavy hearts” is a lack of serotonin and oxytocin.

    It has long been noticed that people suffering from severe forms of depression (lack of serotonin) begin to slouch, their breathing rhythm and blood pressure change.

    Perhaps the effects of the happiness hormone on organs such as the heart are still poorly understood. (as opposed to a large amount of data on the effects on the brain and intestines, for example). But the fact that serotonin can have an effect on the function of cardiomyocytes is completely subject to the laws of logic, because it is known that it affects cells with similar tasks – intestinal cells responsible for wall contraction.

  3. I'm not a medic, but I'll try to explain briefly what I know. There is such a thing as the autonomic nervous system (this is still taught in school) – the automation of your body.

    It is responsible for what different glands do, how the intestines work, how the heart beats, and many other things that are not consciously controlled. It is closely related to the psyche.

    During stressful situations, a whole cocktail of different hormones is released into your bloodstream. Why does the blood pressure rise from excitement, the skin turns pale, the pupils dilate, and the heart beats more often? This is all done by adrenaline, it affects special receptors (alpha and beta adrenergic receptors) in the cells of different organs. Adrenaline has a particularly strong effect on the heart. In cases of severe stress, panic attacks, people sometimes think that they are having a heart attack.

    Such a close connection between the psyche and the autonomic system is necessary for life, these are protective reactions. The body must respond to danger, injuries, and so on, and must be mobilized.

    By the way, this question has already been asked thequestion.ru

    P.S. I may have been inaccurate somewhere, but I'm not a medic after all.

  4. Because there is really a compensating pressure of the muscles. These muscles constrain breathing and deprive the body of the flow of energy (if you force yourself to breathe deeper, the pressure will become stronger, you will feel dizzy and there will be a feeling of near loss of control over yourself, i.e. fear of going crazy).

    When the energy in the body is low, it becomes much easier to keep the cry and tears in yourself, which you yourself consider a sign of insanity. People often “calm down” each other, take away uncontrolled energy, encourage more tension in the chest. After all, when you are tormented by pain, you need to behave calmly, as if everything is fine, and not torment others with your pain.

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