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  1. Describe the alternative. What would the life of a person who lives differently look like?

    I think we live as best we can, and not “as if forever” or”as if forever”.

  2. I'm 27. Rarely go to the doctors, then had to. Today I came as a lady and I think. People live as if they will live forever! I live like this myself. I live and don't think about anything. What just did not do and all lumpy. I don't like everything all the time. Friendship is lumpy, love is lumpy. I drew some concepts for myself. I want a sky-high ideal life. And just now I thought that I only looked at the ideal and did not appreciate everything that I have. I didn't appreciate loving people around me. I needed made-up actions, nonsense. I didn't appreciate my father or mother. Always thought not up to gave not up to loved. I didn't value my health either. I came to a simple truth, it seems. You need to appreciate, not evaluate. Appreciate every opportunity, do not let it go, and for the sake of your ideals, do not break the lives of those who love you.

  3. Because the only thing the human brain can do is explain the past to itself. It's introspective. He always starts his judgments from the past, coming up with completely ignorant but convenient explanations from the position of wisdom. Explaining something to yourself is a great deception, and we will never know the real life. And we will not know the general global picture of the world in which we occupied that very true place either. And only in the moments of waking up from a dream of gloomy or rosy thoughts does it suddenly become clear for a moment that everything can end right now. Everything you hold on to so much, and explain yourself so eagerly.

  4. It's strange , they usually ask the opposite. But if you answer this question, but the answer is banal, although now a bunch of Darwinists will attack me. People simply lost touch with their Creator. A person will die but 3 things will always be said about him – his deeds, the knowledge that he will leave for people and the children that he will raise. Unfortunately, we do not think much about them and are trampled by our wishlist, but if you think for a second at least about these 3 things, I'm not talking about other important moments of human destiny, then I think a person will not think that he is eternal.

    Peace to the world.

  5. I think it's mostly the fear of death. A person does not want to think about death and pushes it further and further away. He also doesn't want to think about the consequences of his actions after his death for other people. If he's dead, I don't care about the others.Also, religious people are convinced that life is not the end, so you can live without fear of death.

  6. It seems to me that we simply do not value life. Why? Because we didn't have the experience of death. We live life with the experience of life , we do not understand what death is , we have not encountered it. If you know such people who have won the third stage of cancer or just survived death, then you will see that these people have a completely different attitude to their lives. Life for most people is a given, not a GIFT.
    Thanks for the great question

  7. Everyday life has taken over us. We stopped valuing freedom. All this is for the sake of public opinion, which surrounds us from birth. If we stop reacting to it, we become white crows, oddballs or loners who find it difficult to find a place in this small world, where even the place where you stand can be a place under the sun for someone. Here we are worrying about tomorrow. We are trying to build ourselves a fortress where we will be safe in the future. And we can die by life now, and the real Khvanchkar has not been tried.

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