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  1. I, being a woman, also do not understand why the female sex is needed at all, except for procreation. girls are physically weak, they have nasty breasts and every month blood flows from the causal place. +it is possible to get pregnant, and so on, so on, so on. I didn't choose to be born a girl, if I could, I would change my gender. but there's nothing you can do about it. I just think that everyone should be treated equally. and girls, stop being offended by the question. there's nothing like that here.

  2. This is a very provocative question.

    My opinion is that in general, one particular person can live without the opposite sex, but the quality of this life will be extremely low.

    Conclusion: love women)

  3. The question, of course, is a bit rough. Within its own framework. In general, the meaning of the need for girls or boys. This question has never been asked before. At this age, a young person is only aware of his place in life and the main thing for him is to determine this place for himself. The main task of a girl is to be aware of herself as such. Be aware of your own importance…
    Our current upbringing is collective. A person can live in a team. There's a boss, there's a career. There are certain relationships in the team – where to sit, where to slander, where to expose yourself. Such laws are everywhere, starting from any administration and ending with the army. It's all the same. From kindergarten to any ministry, these are all collectives. Therefore, women tend to work. She is comfortable in the team. Scratch your tongue and twist around in front of your colleagues in a new dress. You can also show it to your husband, but he doesn't understand anything about it! It wouldn't even occur to him to say that he liked the dress.
    A very nice woman took custody of a little boy and found out – and she's not married, and she has two phones – well, she found out that the boy wrote down both numbers, but one wrote down as “mom”(he already calls her mom, although not so long ago she took it), and the other wrote down as “dad”, although there is no dad in nature. He needs a dad! And he never had one. Mom is just one of those people who can't be killed enough. Although killing is useless. The child wants a dad. And it is important to him that he has the phone of his father and mother….

  4. At the age of the actual girl (i.e., not a girl, not a mature woman, not an old woman), primarily as a sexual object for the opposite sex of any age. For a healthy realization of the basic natural instinct of the male individual. At the same time, as it turns out, in the current realities, childbearing ,that is, procreation, is not always provided for, is undesirable and even denied.

    They can also be useful for interesting communication, friendly support, or, say, “serve as a table decoration”.�

    With a certain status, �can be used by men for prestige purposes, material investments , and investments in the future . Or trite as a fun /beautiful/affordable toy.

    And there are girls who are just comfortable, comfortable, warm and cozy.

  5. Without them, a global collapse may occur. All glamorous publications will be covered with a copper basin, the porn industry will go bankrupt, all beauty contests will be ruined, grandmothers and bodybuilders will not be an adequate replacement, they will stop holding international car shows, they will not come to look at cars, there will be a crisis in the clothing industry and perfume industry, etc. It will be a boring life, and our streets and houses will grow dim without them. Is that what you want?

  6. It has long been noticed that there are more differences between a man and a woman than similarities. We are different. And all the more so, the further we move away from crude and primitive biology into the realm of deep manifestations of our essence. Misunderstandings, conflicts, and tensions between us are not only natural, but also inevitable. And this state of affairs manifests itself completely independently of the level of education, the degree of religiosity, or the number of interpersonal communication trainings under our belt. What's the point?

    Quite obvious. Any tension is a source of growth. Living in conflict is uncomfortable and we are forced to learn other ways of communicating. In a monopolistic environment, this is easier to do, but then the incentive to continue growth disappears. Among our own kind, we stagnate, and the opposite sex brings a flavor of excitement and uncertainty, which do not allow us to finally turn into an ordinary expressionless log -).

    So let's be grateful for what excites and elevates accordingly. And it's best not to forget that it's not “girls are needed” or”guys are needed.” All this utilitarianism grows out of self-exaltation and selfishness. We need each other. Everyone is no less than anyone else.

  7. The answer is quite simple, on the one hand.

    And you know the other one yourself.

    In the course of evolution (?!), M and W differ genetically (physiologically, psychologically,..).

    Simply put, we have different “specializations”.

    Yes, and M will survive without W.

    And W will also survive without M.

    It's all about specialization.

    M “sharpened” for “expansion”

    They are “sharpened” for saving.

    A kind of universal system: camp+collector, base+scout, rear+troops.

    Women are thrifty, incredibly hardy, but in stable conditions.

    The human body is adapted to the conservation and long-term efficient use of resources.

    Maintain viability at all costs.

    A weak but effective biomachine for survival in stable conditions.

    Brain (neural network templates,…) adapted for careful execution of fairly monotonous work, in parallel with several simple tasks, but requiring attention, in constant conditions.

    The male body has a greater dynamic range, survives in more complex, changing conditions.

    This is a voracious but very powerful autonomous survival system.

    Great strength, with food – great endurance (they say that our cave ancestors, judging by the excavations, could drive prey by starvation, running, for several days, drive the same mammoth until it dies from exhaustion and dehydration).

    The brain (neural network, perception-whatever you want to call it) is sharpened for aggressive activity, tracking, autonomy, planning, attacking, capturing, delivering.

    They are more adapted to work in stable mode.

    M are more adapted to the pulse mode.

    W – they use resources more economically, but less efficiently.

    M – they spend a lot of resources, but they are ready for almost any situation.

    G-in case of danger, they keep the most valuable things and hide, hoping that the enemy will leave. This is less dangerous, but it doesn't solve the problem permanently.

    M in case of danger, they evade the blow, develop tactics, and strike back. This is dangerous, but radical.

    We are the same, but in different directions.

    Also, reproduction issues:

    M are multiplied by the number,�

    They reproduce by quality.

    Due to the fact that she is very vulnerable during pregnancy, she is forced to keep close to the one who will protect and get food (with a large belly, you can't run after deer with a spear).

    A man after conception, nothing prevents him from moving on.

    If the institution of marriage did not impose restrictions, then … .

    A woman can have, well, let 5-7 children in her entire life, if desired (carriers of her genes).

    M can have hundreds of children (carriers of his genes) in his entire life.

    Now it is clear that with the mortality of offspring, even if 50%, for a woman this is a critical loss.

    For men, it is insignificant (in absolute numbers).

    PS Anticipating volleys of calomets – you can learn to be successful in almost any business (of course, taking into account the initial predispositions), both men and women.

    But predispositions (features of physiology and psychology) are as follows::

    Woman – home, children, food.

    Man – road, hunting, war.

  8. you are absolutely right, the existence of a woman, as well as a man, has no other meaning than procreation.�

    this is true, by the way, for any different-sex species.

  9. Stepan, if you ask your mother this question, I'm sure you'll get the most succinct answer possible!

    One hundred and forty characters……

  10. Ta let's already recognize that girls are needed only to continue the genus that's all, everything else and a man can do, yes yes, estimate [email protected] a man a man can also not consciously need a girl for this.

  11. Fuck the brain, obviously. Throw up the bathroom with all sorts of rubbish and do not get out of it for 3 hours in the morning. Order sushi instead of doshik and drink wine instead of cognac. Erase important numbers written on the dust of the windowsill and throw out just bought cigarettes along with empty packs.

  12. The answer is simple. In the synagogue, bro.

    I add a bunch of characters here to make it clear that I'm smart and in general.

    You need boooo more characters. Sooooo! Well, help me! Ah, that's it already =)

  13. For girls, this question is too rude.

    What can I say? Girls are just as important as men, men are just as important as girls. Without each other, we can't be normal, full-fledged people. Our natures are somewhat different, and these differences add interest to our lives. Not only interesting, but also very useful. How many things men do for girls and girls for men.

  14. There will not be a universal answer to this question, because everyone needs a different person for different purposes.

    Someone needs aesthetic pleasure, someone needs physical pleasure, and a third needs an alternative, non-masculine view of things. Development beyond the “me and so norms”, constant communication at home, so as not to go crazy with dialogues with yourself-you never know what someone needs another person for. Or maybe you don't need girls at all — why should everyone need them?

  15. Although it's strange, Takiya is not an expert in this field, but I need a girl first of all in order to share all the hardships with her, I will take on some of her problems, she is mine.

    Well, there are still hugs, kisses and all such joint warmth and care, of course, not unrequited.

    As vanilla as that sounds.

  16. A strange question, of course, even stupid. As soon as I imagine a world without women, I feel very uncomfortable. Life is boring without women, believe me.

  17. Reproduction is generally the main program of all living things, so in a sense, all of us are just for that:) However, in order to survive and continue to reproduce, you need a lot more. This is all something we've evolved to do. And then, millions of years ago, it became clear that women in the human population are needed just like men to ensure the survival of the species: to get food (gathering in primitive communities), raise children, take care of other people, etc. As civilization developed, our society became more complex, and the functions of people also changed. Women have different roles in different societies, see for yourself. This is not only the birth and rearing of children – it is also a craft, and trade, and agriculture, and even construction.

    In fact, there are species in nature where one sex is needed only for reproduction, but this looks very different (because they evolved differently). For example, drones in bees, or male fruit flies hatch only to fertilize females. They are not equipped for food or combat, and they die quickly after fulfilling their role. And, for example, queen bees, or ant “queens” – individuals who are not engaged in anything but reproduction, live for a long time, but at the same time are completely unable to provide for themselves. They are fully supported by ants or worker bees (which are conditionally considered females, not actually asexual, because they are not capable of reproduction). Neither the queen bee nor the queen bee can forage for food, build shelters, or fight on their own. They even move with difficulty, because this is not necessary. All the resources of their body are spent on reproduction.

    Or here in mayflies (such dragonflies,very small, live near water bodies), in general, all adults are needed only for reproduction. Therefore, in the course of evolution, their digestive organs partially disappeared. They cannot eat or forage for food-immediately after turning into an adult from a larva (and in the larval stage they live in water like ordinary insects, but without sexual characteristics, and can do everything except reproduce) they search for a mate, lay eggs, and die within a day.

    As you can see, people have a harder time with this. So if the female sex has been adapted for a lot of things other than having children, it's because women have always done a lot of things other than that. And, probably, thank God, I would, with all due respect, not want to live in an anthill or beehive 🙂

  18. to restore balance(so that such questions do not arise)), when a man and a woman were equal, united and happy(almost not from different planets, artificially created stereotypes) before the advent of property rights and cruel religions that humiliated a woman and in fact left her with few functions and narrow limits of existence. A woman is needed to realize herself , a man is needed for the same, because in “finding yourself” – the happiness of a person )

  19. To show the stupidity of this question, I will ask it the other way around – why do you need guys, except for procreation? Answer the question-why are you needed? Answered? The girls are behind the same thing.

  20. A capable heterosexual man needs women for a special, incomparable pleasure, which is inherent in us by nature and consists in attraction to the opposite sex. It can be aesthetic (from contemplating the gracefully perfect curves of a woman's body), sexual (without comments), psychological (it's nice, damn it, to realize that someone-your own kind ― needs you as a person, that you are attractive and not an untalented individual; let's leave the hardened egoists out of brackets). This, among other factors, provides additional vitality, motivation and inspiration.

    Exactly for the same reason, if we discard the social tinsel and the desire to live ostentatiously, men (in theory) are also needed by women.:)

    P.S. I remembered a philosophical quote from Facebook by Bozhena Rynska (!!!,facebook.com):

    “I wrote that a woman needs a man as protection from any abomination. Alexey Mazarovich answered well: “For a man, this is protection from dirt to the same extent, all my lonely acquaintances fall out in it up to their ears ― drunkenness, drug addiction, communication with completely incomprehensible women, the lack of any clear life strategy.” It's true, a man is desecrated without a woman.”

  21. It depends on the context in which to consider your question.

    From the biological, natural point of view – in the world (read, the universe with its laws) in which we exist as humanity-women are “created” precisely for the function of reproduction. Like any other animal organisms (except for isolated cases when asexual reproduction is present in nature), humans are able to reproduce and maintain a population only due to the difference in sexes. This is how nature or God created us. It doesn't matter if it's men or women. From the point of view of biology, we are equal and interdependent.

    All other functions of women (family, social, etc.), as well as men, are already “invented” by society in the process of population development.

  22. Women and men are equally representatives of the species Homo Sapiens. It so happened that mammals evolved into sex-segregated creatures, where some members of the species are carriers of eggs, while others are carriers of sperm. By itself, the division of germ cells carries a reproductive function and ensures the survival of the species. It turns out that both men and women are needed for the same purpose.

    If we ask the question, why do we need women, then the next question immediately arises : why do we need men? Why do we need people at all? This is already a philosophical question with no definite answer.

  23. And why do we need you, other than to ask stupid and offensive questions?

    And what does your mother need other than to push you out of her genitals? If you generally don't understand how disgusting your question is, at least evaluate her role in your life, maybe it will get there.

  24. As a matter of fact, the answer question arises: Why do we need men then? In principle, if there are no girls, then, first of all, all men will sooner or later become gomesexuals. Secondly, there will be world peace, competition as such will disappear, and with it rivalry, the struggle for resources, over time, of course, because men will have nowhere to strive, although this, of course, is debatable. The money issue will most likely disappear as such: after all, what will you need for life now: a console, and a sofa. And you can save up for this at least a little. You'll only be able to watch sports on TV, which is the only show where men enjoy looking at men, although if you take into account the fact that everyone will be gay, then I might be wrong. And most importantly, the Earth will gradually be freed from the hated people, children's laughter will be heard less often, and the aroma of three-week socks will be everywhere in the air. I think that would be wonderful.

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