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  1. The very word “remembering” means manifesting in the mind or reliving past experiences. Two conclusions follow from this definition:

    1. This event should have ALREADY occurred. You can't “remember” something that hasn't happened yet.

    2. This should be a PERSONAL experience. You can't “remember” something that didn't happen to you. (however, you can retell someone else's story, but retelling is not a memory)

    There is also the theory of “spiral development”. According to it, everything that has ever happened will happen in the future. And everything that will happen in the future has already happened before. That is, there are no new phenomena, events, emotions and relationships in fact – everything has already happened once. In this sense, you can also remember the future.

    Human history repeats itself over and over again. With some variations, but generally similar. You may have heard of ancient civilizations that existed on this planet before the current culture, and of which not a trace remains. But if we ever find a description of the lives of those people, we will be amazed at how much their emotions and basic needs coincide with ours. That is, there are some eternal aspects of humanity that have not changed for thousands of years.

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