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  1. The buttons on almost any remote control become oxidized over time (a very viscous mucus forms between the rubber pad and the button contacts). I've had this before. I thought the batteries were running out, I stung harder and harder, until some buttons stopped working at all, I changed the batteries did not help. Then I took the remote apart and used a cotton swab to wipe the button contacts. Everything works perfectly now and no effort is required.

  2. God knows why, but it really works! What's on the TV remote, what's on the car keychain! Science has yet to prove the correlation between the force of pressing the button and the degree of battery charge)

  3. Normal feedback. We click the button without getting a result. The brain perceives this as a lack of impact and increases the force of pressing. In addition, an abundance of buttons can “program” such a reflex throughout life. Key contacts (elevator button, switch, bell…) they are oxidized from time to time and require more effort to close them. Here it is justified, but it is also transferred to the remote control. But in my opinion, feedback makes more impact.

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