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  1. Because our behavior and actions are influenced not only by the mind but also by emotions. And this is generally a difficult thing to predict. Plus, circumstances can turn out from a completely unexpected direction.

  2. Because we “think” and “act” at different times and in different situations. We make the decision to follow a diet on a full stomach, and then we need to follow it on a hungry one, and these are completely different situations. The decision to quit smoking is usually made when we have just put out another cigarette. We don't want to smoke at this moment, the decision is easy. But you need to make this decision tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, when there is no more nicotine in the blood and the body requires it. Different situation. The decision to remain silent, not to respond, to be restrained, we make in private, when no one shouts at us, does not tease, does not poke a finger in our face. And then you need to keep silent… Well, you understand.


    One day the rabbi of Zansa was standing at the window looking out. When he saw a passerby, he knocked on the window and motioned for him to enter the house. When he entered the room, Rabbi Chaim asked:: “Tell me, if you find a purse of gold, will you return it to its owner?”

    “Rabbi,” he replied, ” if I had known who the owner was, I would have returned the purse without a moment's hesitation.”

    “You are a fool,” said the rabbi of Zansa.

    Then he went back to the window, called another passerby, and asked him the same question.

    “I am not such a fool as to give away a purse of money that I have found,” he replied.

    “You are not good,” said the rabbi of Zansa. He called a third man.

    He answered the question thus: “Rabbi, how do I know what I will be like when I find the purse, and whether I will be able to protect myself from ill will? Maybe it will get the better of me, and I will take over what belongs to someone else. But maybe God, he is blessed, will help me to cope, and I will return what I found to its rightful owner.”

    “Those are good words! The tzaddik exclaimed. “you are a true sage.”

  3. the main reason is that we ourselves are very contradictory and sometimes we don't know what we want – now one thing, and in a minute we let go and we don't want it anymore, we want something else, and in two minutes we want it again, and so on. Reality puts its own imprint on our expectations and our expectations are almost never destined to come true..

    But even if we do set some goals that we want to achieve , the price of achieving these goals sometimes stops us and we give up..

    In general, it's all about the world in which we live and the nature that we have. In this world, it is easy and simple only to do nasty things, evil, etc. But to do good, good, to be free, to do the right thing requires incredible work. Christianity teaches that a person is initially corrupted by sin and he first needs salvation from such a state.

    Socrates was walking with his disciples, and a hetaera (if you call a spade a spade, then a prostitute) met him. “Let's bet that I can take all your students with me,” she said. To which he replied: “I have no doubt about it, the road up the mountain to the shining heights is always harder than the road down into the darkness.”
    So maybe we should stop going downhill and start going uphill.

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