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  1. I think that for some reason you do not manage to build the kind of relationships that you would like, this is also like “all men are k”, it's not about women and not about men, there is a certain conflict primarily within you that requires resolution, which one-it's just impossible to say, after overcoming your dilemma, building relationships and communication will begin to bring you more joy

  2. Well, you, the author, at least the criteria of a complex nature suggested something? There is no complex character in women in general. It's just that their goals are somewhat different from yours because of sexual dimorphism in behavior and, in general, because of the peculiarities of procreation in primates.

  3. RUSSIAN women have a complex character, because of the opposite attitudes that society imposes on them: be both sexy and modest; self-sufficient and submissive to your husband; successful in your career, and the keeper of the home. Such contradictions can drive you crazy, not to mention the complexity of the character. This arrangement is typical of societies that draw a dividing line between patriarchal and egalitarian social systems. Wait 20 years, and the problem will be solved by itself.

  4. Let's be honest, a complex character is not a story about ALL women. Surely, if you try to remember, you will find a couple of examples of familiar girls who have a very simple character. Therefore, the reason here is unlikely to be in women.

    If we were working with you, for example, in the format of personal consultations, we would investigate two issues.

    1. How do you notice only difficult girls and how do you ignore simple ones?

    Here we can talk about cognitive biases and various heuristics. These are the filters of thinking through which we perceive the world around us. Unfortunately or fortunately, human thinking is imperfect. Therefore, it often crashes. Accordingly, there may be situations when, for example, having some inner idea or belief, you unconsciously look for confirmation of it in the world around you. In your case, this is the idea that a woman must necessarily have a complex character. Others you just don't notice.

    1. How do you provoke women to show a complex character around you?

    The root, again, is the inner attitude that women are all like that. But the process is different. You're obviously broadcasting it somehow. After that, the ladies begin to behave accordingly. The task is to catch these signs and retrain yourself to send other signals.

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