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  1. Hell and heaven, no matter how they are understood, are not the subject of faith, but the content of personal experience. Everyone experiences their own hell and their own heaven, and so do you. Hell and heaven are not places in space, they are your states. It's just that some experiences of hell give you the feeling that you can't get out of them without help. And without the help of someone very kind, even infinitely kind, and very strong, even infinitely strong. And some experiences of paradise give the feeling that they can not be reached again and can not be kept without similar help.

  2. You wrote in parentheses “not about God”, but about whom then? Who else can create heaven or hell? What do you mean? You mean not the hell and heaven that is in heaven? I didn't understand your question

  3. A modern, reasonable person should be responsible for their actions.Harmony, consistency of thoughts brings order to life.And, on the contrary, an unconscious life, according to other people's patterns, generates anxiety ,vanity.With this, we come to another dimension of life.Hell or heaven-it's up to us.

  4. the question is not clear – what does the addition in parentheses “not about god” mean? That is, it is not about faith in God's hell and paradise that is being asked, but some other one? Faith in hell and heaven is connected with faith in God ! Oh, well.�

    I believe that the big can be seen in the small and vice versa. What do I mean? There is a difference between what is valuable and what is harmful-what is valuable goes to the exhibition, and what is dirty and smelly goes to the trash. Similarly, in life – if you remove the superficial and false-everything really valuable in history (personalities, exploits, deeds, discoveries, lives, etc.) gets a good reputation, and all the bad things get a bad reputation and a human curse and shame. So-Hell and heaven are like the quintessence of all this only on a universal scale. I believe in the ultimate justice of Life and retribution. This seems logical, otherwise life takes on a terrible look-it is usually easier to live here for the impudent, cunning, unscrupulous, unprincipled and crafty..It is more difficult for an honest person to live here – it looks very unfair and then life, as I said, is something cruel, evil and unfair.�

    ** Nothing is more bitter if it is true that there is no other life than earth.

    *** If we only lived here, we wouldn't live at all…

    And most importantly, these are arguments from the teachings of Christ:

    29 and those who have done good will go out to the resurrection of life, but those who have done evil will go out to the resurrection of condemnation.

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