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  1. Apparently, you are driven solely by physiological impulses in sex.�

    With this approach, it is quite natural that after working out your biological task, you lose interest in sex.

    But sex can also be approached from other positions: psychoemotional, intellectual… If you also use your psycho-emotional and intellectual needs in the process, sex will acquire a new quality for you. However, for this purpose it is necessary to have such needs , and for this, in turn, to have the habit of developing in both areas…

    Esotericists manage to find even a spiritual aspect in sex, which is what all the mass sales of “techniques” for tantric sex, “exchange of subtle energies in sex” and other scam are built on…))

  2. Because it's a sex-only partner. Most likely, not even a partner, but a tool for satisfying a sexual need. If there are feelings somewhat more complex than the desire to ejaculate, then there will be no aversion to it after sex

  3. A hacky car mechanic also hates the client, as long as he gets out of here faster, and any profession in the service sector can be brought in close contact with clients. The general thing will be that they do not like their business, it is only the need to earn money. You and these freeloaders who love their work only on payday have one thing in common: they are motivated by money and you are motivated by hormones. Hormones gone / money received-nafig all went. I would like to wish you good, but this is not treated, I want to wish you bad, but you already have enough, I don't finish off the half-dead…

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