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  1. Hierarchy of values, so that It, pay for the light, closed project is more important in the hierarchy than drinking tea and cake.

    Therefore, they go down the chain, and give way to more important cases and phenomena.

  2. Even more ingrained in the idea that the core of the audience of this resource is a fierce cocktail of yesterday's shkoloty, hypocrites and libshizy.

    New Year is a necessary holiday, especially in high latitudes. Otherwise, the need for 5 months of routine crawling in this darkness and cold without a break would cripple the psyche and undermine health.�

    New Year is a wonderful holiday and it is good both in 5 years and in 50.�

    First of all, this is a synchronized vacation with everyone. You can go to your parents ' house in another city, meet up with childhood friends-almost certainly everyone has the time and energy for this.

    Secondly, there are a lot of exciting things that at other times of the year do not reach your hands and there is no time. If you have enough imagination (and health) just to eat for 7 days, then these are not new year's problems, but yours. You can also view TV shows in seasons, read a book in a day or two. Again, skiing, hunting, and a lot of other things…

  3. I don't know about you, but I have a simple answer for myself.

    I just don't have anything to worry about.

    they celebrate not a date, but a success of some kind)

    you congratulate yourself on something ( or others).

    You're celebrating another milestone in your happy life.

    and if life is not too happy, then there is nothing to celebrate)

  4. Therefore, every holiday is a new puzzle called “what to give this stranger” and “where to get money”, “what to cook”, “who to call”, “clean up after everyone again”

    If this is a large-scale holiday, you start to hate the shopping center and re-learn how to avoid huge crowds of people.

    Sometimes you work so hard that the holidays interrupt your motivation. Well, it happens.�

    Because over time, you obviously realize that every holiday is a huge marketing hit that you can't hide from anywhere. (Even for the plane you will have to pay double the price)

  5. This is true only in part and only in particulars) This does not happen for everyone and not always) And it depends rather not on the age, but on the state of mind) So-be like children and enjoy the holidays)

  6. This is old age and “mixed with despondency and loss of taste of life,” children help to cope with this apathetic state, you start telling them noodles about Santa Claus and start to return to your childhood again, when the holidays were felt.

  7. Personally, I just got tired of the same events on any occasion. Table, food, alcohol. By the age of 20, I was already feeling sick. I don't understand how people do the same thing for decades and don't get tired of it. Yes, and in principle, many holidays began to be considered stupid. For example, New Year's Eve. The Earth made a revolution around the Sun. What's so festive about it? A day like a day, just like the others. The Earth has been orbiting the Sun for billions of years. There is nothing outstanding about it. A reason to sit and relax? Well, I personally try to lead a healthy lifestyle and I don't want to get drunk on alcohol, it doesn't bring me happiness, like eating too much food. In general, in principle, I don't understand why a holiday is NECESSARILY a bunch of food. God, people from the hungry land? It seems that most people eat normally in ordinary life, no longer in the 90s, when there was really only normal food for the holidays. Now this is some kind of gluttony just. And there is no joy from this food, on the contrary, heaviness. Now, if there was a tradition to travel somewhere, or to engage in some kind of active recreation during the holidays, then maybe I would change my view. But in our country (and not only), it is mostly a tradition to eat and drink. And this is disgusting, sorry. Gluttony is total, boredom and routine.

  8. I finally realized that I had matured when I admitted to myself that I hate New Year's and summer. Earlier, when I was at school, the holidays were a kind of release period for me, because I would maliciously drink under the leftovers of salads on vacation, or go downhill in the area, or do something else that gives me pleasure. Then they started letting me go out with my friends. Plus, gifts! Not life, but Sorochinskaya Fair, as the person from my avatar said.

    When I graduated from UNI and started working steadily, it turned out that I could arrange a holiday for myself literally at any time. New Year's holidays, instead of being released, only began to increase the amount of fuss and psychological violence at work, shift the schedule in a completely crazy way, provoke unnecessary spending and cause painful and unpleasant ritual rounds of relatives, because my grandmother's birthday is on the first of January and I must be there, otherwise they will eat my brain. So all this festive fuss because of this became rather a burden.

    In addition, the rising standard of living has made New Year's holidays somewhat clueless. My mother started cooking something considered festive for no reason until about fifteen years ago, and by the time I decided to fly out of my parents ' nest in our refrigerator, you could almost always find a cake, several types of cheeses and sausages, and other products that many people associate with the festive table. Gifts are no longer useful, because I buy everything I need as needed. And in general, the holidays have become an opportunity to sleep longer. But I began to love Easter more for the opportunity to enjoy spring for a couple of extra days.

  9. I don't know about other people, but for me, holidays are creepy.
    Especially Christmas. I do not know why, but this is the coldest, most unpleasant, uncomfortable and creepy holiday.
    Лично Personally, where I live, in Finland, Christmas is a general fever. Have you ever listened to Finnish Christmas music? It's more depressing than the Agatha Christie band. Despite the fact that Finland is the country of Christmas. Christmas cartoons cause existential horror, and for the hundredth time the song “last Christmas” in the shopping center, has long been in nightmares about Krampus dreams.
    There's also a creepy tradition, not just in Finland, that has to do with the story of snowmen coming to life, enjoying life and all that, and then they melt away.
    Spoiler alert for all of Christmas.
    In the song of the singer Sia-snowman, she sings: Don't cry snowman, don't be afraid of the sun. Who will carry me without legs on the road? Who will listen to my secrets if you have no ears?
    Her song is ho ho ho, no better.

    In general, the crypt.

    Answering the question in general, I will say that the magic of all holidays disappears with childhood due to the fact that you begin to perceive reality more clearly.

    For the first time I realized that the New Year's holiday is generally very lonely and gloomy when I celebrated it in a hotel in St. Petersburg. It was supposed to be a holiday, and I was heading to the hotel in a taxi. It was after midnight.
    The streets were empty, cold, and lonely. On the old, crumbling buildings hung, sorry, shabby garlands, meshura and so on. Arrived at the hotel, the staff-rude, yelling and so on. The customers only eat, drink, and dance, and most of them drink, judging by their faces, only out of grief. Just a lot of people sit with sour faces, and someone just sticks in the phone. Everything ends quickly and everyone goes their separate ways, and you don't understand what it was and is.
    The feeling of a holiday in general is created because of the crowd. Everyone goes out to the shops, cafes and just go for a walk, and you're kind of a part of it, and you're sitting all over the coffee shop at the Christmas tree in the evening, and you think, ” my mother, how social I am, look, there are five people in this anti-coffee shop, and they're all laughing so much, how cozy and cute, I feel like And it seems that life was a success, and the tick opposite “sit in a cozy cafe in the evening with a cup of hot chocolate in a cute sweater” is set. This tick, isn't it happiness?

    As we have already said, if you do not celebrate yourself, then all holidays are just a normal day.
    I wanted to celebrate Christmas, which was the 25th day here, but accidentally mixed up the days, and I thought it would be 27. No matter how this day went like all the others, nothing special happened. �

    A holiday is how people manage their expectations and emotions on a particular day. No more than that. If you don't fit in, these holidays will just pass you by unnoticed.

    The same goes for birthdays. A terrible day. Every year it comes faster and faster and only reminds you that you are falling from a great height to the ground, accelerating faster and becoming heavier, and all the great dreams that were once, have disappeared somewhere and are replaced by routine. Not fun at all. No.
    Yes, and it's creepy when you remember that your sister and I recently celebrated her 16th birthday, and it seemed, bl, she's already a terrible old woman, but now a few months will pass, and she will already be 26.
    At the same time, no one's dreams have come true, and there is only a feeling that it will only get worse and more lonely.
    Not until the holidays at all, really.

  10. The New Year is essentially a children's holiday. With very childish symbols :Christmas tree, gifts, miracles. Most Orthodox Christians do not celebrate it. There is a session at PSTU at this time, although there was a time when they were just going to have champagne and karaoke. And with age, you get tired of the fuss, and there are other problems. When there is nothing, for example, to pay wages to workers, there is no longer a holiday or a birthday. Therefore, happy New Year to all who have not yet grown up.)

  11. Because as a child, you are immersed in the atmosphere of a holiday and receive gifts, and when you grow up, you have to create the atmosphere yourself for someone and search, pick up gifts. This takes a lot of time and money, and we can spend it on something more priority.�

    Personally, it seems to me that the holiday (for example, New Year) This is an opportunity to spend time with your loved ones, give them the attention they deserve, and remind them of your love at least through gifts. This� of course, great work,� try for loved ones,� so if we consider the occasion as something� that will benefit oneself�, of course,� nothing good in them will not find. But, as for me,� you should value communication with family and friends,� life is unpredictable,� maybe you are going for the last time.

  12. Because the realization comes that the holiday is deeply personal and individual, and not school evenings, industrial drunks and demonstrations about the state date with mandatory attendance of the entire team. New Year's Eve is a special article. This is legalized mass insanity. 12 days of heavy drinking under zomboyashchik, dangerous games with fire, bruising and stabbing. Who survived-that well done. Who did not survive – well, sorry… holidays after all… I've hated this idiocy since I was very young. Now I celebrate what I want when I want and with whom I want. It's cool – on a fine summer Monday morning, buy fire water and go to the forest with the whole company past the bus stop under the gun of envious and hating eyes… Classics of nonconformism. I generally like to tear up templates… But more on that later. And official holidays are a relic. Corporate parties are absolutely evil.

  13. From the very moment you are born, they try to teach you to be happy only at the right moments:
    – on certain days
    – after certain achievements
    – because of the right events

    Spontaneous joy is often suppressed by reproaches: “how can you be happy and enjoy life when your grades are not the best on earth” (My father told me something like this). That is, the “feeder of joy” is very narrow. It has a wrong, neurotically understood motivational function. (Now he works as a security guard).�

    With age, each person begins to notice that his joy may NOT depend on these conditions, and then someone uses this understanding, and someone does not.�

    Some part of those who use it, knowing that they don't need an external “enabling” trigger for joy, decides when to be happy, so SOMETIMES they don't care about the holidays. The need disappears.

    Of course, both this and the other model have pros and cons, but it seems to me that “free” from calendar, mandatory holidays can get much more and much more sincere pleasure from life.

  14. Because you realize that “January 1” or “May 1” is exactly the same day as January 15 or May 22. A real holiday doesn't happen when the date changes in the calendar, but when something good happens in your life.

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